FAQ: How do payments work with Houfy?

If you would like your Houfy listing to be online bookable, just connect a Stripe or Square account to your listing.

What does "connecting" a Stripe or Square account do?
It allows travelers to enter a credit card at checkout like how they pay on Airbnb and Vrbo. The funds then land in your bank account.
What if I don't want to use Stripe or Square?
There is no requirement to use either one. Just have guests pay however you like outside of Houfy. For example: bank transfer, check, Business PayPal, cash, etc. Payment methods are up to you.
Will Houfy hold my guest payments until after check-in?
No. Houfy doesn't handle money. Just connect a Stripe or Square account to your Houfy listing. Travelers can then enter a credit card during checkout. Guest payments are deposited directly into your bank account, as they never pass through Houfy.
What are the pros and cons of using Stripe or Square?
Read this quick and easy Square and Stripe comparison. Be sure to check with Stripe and Square directly for the latest updates and any specific questions about your account.
How do I connect my Stripe or Square account to my Houfy listing?
Log in to Houfy > Click on Profile Pic > Manage Listings > Connected Payments. It takes a few seconds to connect. Don't forget to do a test booking.
What does it mean to be online bookable?
It means the traveler can book and enter credit card at checkout, just like on Airbnb or Vrbo.
Does Houfy have instant book or will I be able to vet travelers?
There is NO "instant book" on Houfy, and you can always talk to travelers first. Once a traveler enters credit card info, you'll receive a PENDING DIRECT BOOKING to accept/decline the booking payment.
Can you explain what Stripe and Square are? I have never heard of them.
They are 3rd-party payment processors, similar to using Business PayPal to accept credit card payments.
Do I have to have a Stripe or Square account to list on Houfy?
No. There is NO REQUIREMENT to use either one. You can have all guests pay in cash if you like.
Can any other payment processors like PayPal connect to Houfy?
Not at this time. Square and Stripe are the current options. You can still use your own payment methods outside of Houfy.
How much do Stripe and Square cost?
Around the same 3% you pay to Vrbo and Airbnb. The difference is you receive payment right away. Read this easy Stripe and Square comparison and be sure to visit their websites directly for accurate information and more questions.

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