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Villa Tozzoli House - Sorrento - Italy

Vacation Home • Sorrento
1 Bedroom • 2 Bathrooms

Amalfi coast Villa Capriana with private pool

Villa • Massa Lubrense
6 Bedrooms • 6 Bathrooms

Vintage Cozy Large Apt. Great Location in Naples

Apartment • Metropolitan City of Naples
3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms

La Terrazza Family Holidays, Sorrento, Italy

Vacation Home • Sorrento
3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms

Villa Nerano Marina del Cantone

Villa • Amalfi
6 Bedrooms • 7 Bathrooms

Villa dei mia a Sorrento

Villa • Sorrento
10 Bedrooms • 10 Bathrooms

Villa Mon Repos Positano

Villa • Positano
6 Bedrooms • 6 Bathrooms

Villa Capricorno Ischia

Villa • Amalfi
5 Bedrooms • 5 Bathrooms

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Recommended vacation rentals in Naples

Villa Divina Furore

Villa • Provincia di Salerno
4 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms

Villa Carola - Capri

Villa • Metropolitan City of Naples
4 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms

Villa Mon Repos Positano

Villa • Positano
6 Bedrooms • 6 Bathrooms

Villa Amalfitano - Amalfi

Villa • Amalfi
6 Bedrooms • 6 Bathrooms

Amalfi Coast Tiny Loft ⁐ Couples or Solo Traveler

Loft • Minori
1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom

Villa Praiano Premium

Villa • Praiano
7 Bedrooms • 7 Bathrooms

Loft in Castiglione di Ravello, ocean view

Loft • Castiglione
1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom


Barn/Farmhouse • Massa Lubrense
3 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms

Vacation houses with pools in Naples

Dei Limoni, Panoramic sea view

Villa • Massa Lubrense
4 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms

Relais Cacace

Other • Massa Lubrense
2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms

Amalfi Villa Giulia

Villa • Amalfi
5 Bedrooms • 5 Bathrooms

Villa Capodichino – Sorrento

Villa • Sorrento
6 Bedrooms • 7 Bathrooms

Pet friendly vacation rentals in Naples

Path of the Gods - Dea Afrodite

Other • Praiano
2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom

Villa Capri view Massa Lubrense

Villa • Massa Lubrense
6 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms

Villa Lucia Massa Lubrense

Villa • Massa Lubrense
6 Bedrooms • 6 Bathrooms

Villa Le due marine, cliffs house on the sea

Villa • Provincia di Salerno
3 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms


Meet Naples, the city where history and culture are intertwined with flavours and exciting activities. Explore the cemetery of skulls within the Fontanelle cemetery and the lost city of Pompeii, or visit the famous Vesuvius volcano and the island of Capri. Discover the lost tunnels of Naples and discover the other side of Naples, then end the day visiting the bars, restaurants and vivid nightlife in the evening. Castles, museums and churches add a finishing touch to the picturesque old-world feel.


Emergency: 113
Police (Carabinieri): 112
Fire Brigade (Vigili del fuoco): 115
Ambulance (Ambulanza): 118
Shops are usually open 10am-1.30pm and 4.30pm-8pm. Larger shops are normally open continuously during the day. Shops can be open on Sundays at their own discretion.
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, Naples
Located inside the Napoli Centrale railway station, in front of platform 23
+39 081 268 779

The City of Naples

The historic city of Naples was founded about 3,000 years ago as Partenope by Greek merchants. Later, the settlement took the name of Palepolis, the old city, and in 475 BC it became Neapolis, the new city. Under various phases of foreign rule, the city developed continuously, until it became the capital of the most important of the pre-unification states, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The rulers of that Kingdom, the Bourbons, constructed a magnificent palace in nearby Caserta and filled the city with historic structures of all kinds.

Do & See in Naples

The historic centre of Naples, with its splendid palaces and its popular and lively working-class districts, is now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Naples also boasts an underground city, as well as its famous panoramic views. Moreover, this hospitable city is marked by contrasts and popular traditions, such as the annual miracle whereby San Gennaro’s ‘blood’ becomes liquid in front of the eyes of his followers.
Naples is famous throughout the world primarly because of pizza (which, you'll discover, only constitutes a small part of the rich local cuisine) and popular music, with famous songs such as 'O Sole Mio'.
Museum of Capodimonte
The castle of Capodimonte boasts a wonderful view on the Bay of Naples. Built in the 18th century by Bourbon kings, it has been the royals' summer residence for a long time; today it hosts a museum which exhibits various collections, including masterpieces by Tiziano, Botticelli, Perugino and Raffaello.
Castel Nuovo
Also known as 'Maschio Angioino', this medieval castle dating back to 1279 was an important cultural centre, visited by important artists and writers such as Giotto, Petrarca and Boccaccio. Today it hosts various cultural events, and is home of the Municipal Museum of Naples.
Ovo Castle
Literally named 'Egg Castle', Castel dell'Ovo is a 12th-century fortress that dominates the Naples seafront. The name comes from the legendary Roman poet Virgil, who supposedly strengthened the castle walls with a magical egg.
Basilica of Saint Clare
Not far from Church of Gesù Nuovo, the Basilica of Saint Clare is the biggest gothic basilica in the city. Built in provençal style in the 14th century, it has plenty to see for art history lovers, such as the remains of some of Giotto's frescoes. Here you can also find an archaeological site, a monastery, and a museum which collects historical documents, sacred relics and marble statues.
Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore
San Lorenzo Maggiore is an extraordinary building complex which mixes gothic and baroque architecture, and dates back to the end of the 13th century. Every Christmas, a life-size nativity scene is set up inside the church. A museum occupies three floors above the courtyard, and exhibits historic items from the monastery as well as archaelogical remains.
Church Of San Gregorio Armeno
San Gregorio Armeno is located in the centre of Naples and is a wonderful example of Neapolitan Baroque art. Here you can find beautiful frescoes, gilded ceilings and cloisters full of orange trees. The church also hosts the relics of St Patricia, thus locals often call it 'Chiesa di Santa Patrizia'.
Church Of Gesù Nuovo
When in Naples, don't miss the opulent interior of this church, its baroque marble statues, and its altars inlaid with semi-precious stones such as agate, amethysts and lapis lazuli. The building is located at Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, just outside the historic centre.
National Archeological Museum
This is one of the most important archaeological museums in the world: it contains bronzes, sculptures and many other objects from the Bourbon collection, and from the historical sites of Pompeii and Ercolano.

Dining in Naples

Neapolitans believe their cuisine to be among the finest in the world. The best way to decide if you agree is tasting some local speciality: different pasta recipes (with the 'pummarola' tomato sauce, or 'alla puttanesca' with olives and capers), typical pastries like babà or sfogliatella, and of course an authentic pizza, which made its appearance in Naples over 500 years ago. Neapolitan cuisine proudly uses modest ingredients such as oil, pecorino cheese, and aromatic herbs to convey its typical Mediterranean taste.
Ristorante Mimì Alla Ferrovia
Since its opening in 1943, this bustling restaurant has been an institution in Naples: frequented by famous writer and actor Eduardo de Filippo, it has also hosted well-known guests like Maradona and Michael Schumacher. It offers typical Neapolitan dishes such as stuffed grilled pepper and pasta from daily markets, and has a remarkable choice of wines.
Ristorante Amici Miei
Recommended by tourists in search of high quality Neapolitan flavours, and well reviewed by local newspapers, this atmospheric restaurant is called 'My Friends' in Italian, and is a great spot to taste traditional classics such as Gnocchi alla Sorrentina and Ragù meatballs. Their after-dinner limoncello is said to be particularly good.
Pizzeria Pellone
Popular among Neapolitans, lesser-known by tourists, Pellone is the perfect place to get to know what a local modern pizzeria feels like, and a great occasion to mingle with locals and some well-informed fellow visitor at a common table. The staff has a loud, easy-going personality and will serve you huge pizzas at reasonable prices.
Pizzeria Da Michele
Da Michele's historical pizzeria is always packed with people, for a reason: it takes pride in preserving its own traditional pizza recipe, passed down from generation to generation since 1870. You might find some queue, but it's worth it to taste Michele's culinary tradition.
Pizzeria Starita
This busy pizza place has a long, successful history, and its wide menu combines pizza classics with more creative flavors, like radish or pistachio and sausage, as well as some fried specialities.
Trattoria da Nennella
Located in the Spanish Quarter in Naples, Trattoria da Nennella is appreciated for the quality of its affordable traditional dishes, and for the teeming, loud Neapolitan atmosphere you can find inside - the waiters of this restaurant will give you a warm welcome, and even whistle some songs if they feel like it.
Cantina La Barbera
If you feel like taking a break from traditional cuisine, this wine bar and grill house on the Vomero hill will offer you a sophisticated alternative, with its selection of international wines and barbecue meat dishes. Located inside an 18th-century palace, it has a cosy atmosphere, and also specializes in homebrew beer and choice cold cuts.
Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante
Set in a stunning position in front of the Posillipo bay, with a seafront view over historical palaces, Capri and Mount Vesuvius, this exclusive restaurant has an impressive wine selection and an elegant, thoughtful menu proposal - the lasagnetta is a must try. It may not be cheap, but it's certainly a fantastic choice for a luxurious evening.

Cafes in Naples

Naples bristles with great coffee, or rather 'caffè', which means 'espresso' there. The most popular coffee types in Naples are caffè ristretto, caffè lungo and caffè macchiato. Neapolitans often order a shot with their coffee, for example sambuca or whiskey.
This delicious Neapolitan pastry shop is a must try. When in the Posillipo area, don't ask where the shop is - just follow the aroma. Here you can try delicious sfogliatelle, brioches, little pizzas and cakes with cream on the stunning seafront terrace.
Pintauro's historic bakery is truly proud of its authentic sfogliatella, so take the opportunity to try one here - this Neapolitan speciality is a shell-shaped pastry and can have different fillings, such as almond paste, orange-flavoured ricotta or candied lemon peel.
Gran Caffè Cimmino
Gran Caffè Cimmino is both a cafe and a bakery, which is a great combo if you're looking for an authentic Italian breakfast experience, complete with cappuccino and typical pastries. They also serve hot chocolate, ice cream, dessert and cocktails.
Friggitoria Vomero
Fried street food is an unmissable tradition in Naples, and Friggitoria Vomero is definitely an expert in the field. Located in the historical part of Naples, it has been serving on-the-go snacks since 1938 and is still going strong. Try different specialities, and make sure you don't miss mozzarella sandwiches and polenta.
Pasticceria Attanasio
Considered by many to offer the best sfogliatella pastries in Naples, as well as a great spot for lunch, Pasticceria Attanasio is very well known, and therefore often packed with people. It's definitely worth the wait: tasting freshly backed pastries, and witnessing the lively local crowd, are two exquisitely Neapolitan experiences you should never miss.
Having served fresh lemon and orange juice for more than 50 years, Aurelio is a proper old-fashioned lemonade shop, and the perfect place to meet up near the seaside. Its typical orange slushie is especially recommended.
Bar Mexico
Appreciated by both locals and tourists for its premium quality coffee blends, Bar Mexico has many branches around town, one of which close to the central station: let their friendly service and authentic espresso welcome you into the city. In summer try, for a change, their well-reviewed 'Caffè del nonno' iced coffee.
Bar Forturella
Especially known for its homemade desserts, this cafe and pastry shop also offers ice creams and nice looking cocktails, and it's worthy a try when in the Posillipo seaside area.

Bars & Nightlife in Naples

Neapolitan nightlife is vibrant and packed with people. It starts teeming around 8pm in the Chiaia area - coming for a drink, you might have the impression that the whole neighbourhood have descended into the tiny space around via Belledonne a Chiaia for an aperitivo. Another crowded area is Piazza Bellini, especially in summer and spring time.
Enoteca Belledonne
This tiny wine bar is an institution among the inhabitants of the upclass Chiaia area. Here you can find an extensive wine list and a choice from two/three different dishes every night - come for a relaxed chat in a friendly atmosphere.
Arenile di Bagnoli
In summer this disco club boasts a beautiful open-air dance floor on the beach, complete with a gazebo, outdoor bars, beds, sofas and a large lawn. The winter time is no less fun with an indoor area hosting concerts and popular DJ’s.
Frank Malone Pub
This Anglo-Saxon pub provides an inviting venue with British spirit and plenty of hearty food and beer. It is located in the friendly San Martino area and will welcome you with joy and hospitality.
Miami Bar Room
Miami Bar Rooms is one of the most popular clubs in Naples and has carefully decorated interiors, of course inspired by Florida's night clubs. Being located in the elite residential area Vomero, it's the perfect place for a classy night out.
Cammarota Spritz
Cammarota Spritz offers very good value for money, and is a lively favourite among youths. The bar is also located next to a pizzeria, so fear not: there is always a place to go when food is needed.
For a glass of wine and teeming happy hours in a laid back intellectual ambiance, head to this cafe-bar near the University. The walls are covered in books you can rent, and live music events are often staged.
Alter Ego Lounge Bar
Boasting scenic lights and ornate cocktails, this lounge bar can be the right place for a fancy evening in the centre of Naples, with its ideal location near Piazza Bellini.
Club Nabilah
Perfect for a beach party night, Club Nabilah is 20 minutes away from the city centre, but it makes up for that with its huge pool, beautiful decor and suggestive location on the seaside. It also offers happy hours, and has international DJs in console.

Shopping in Naples

If you're looking for fashionable clothes, accessories or jewellery, head to via Calabritto, via Filangieri, via Chiaia and via Toledo, where you'll find plenty of fashion brands such as Bulgari, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.
In the same area, two boutiques boast impressive local collections. One of them is called Ernesto Esposito (via Santa Caterina a Chiaia 20), and showcases the sexed-up heels created by its namesake designer, a Neapolitan who also works for Fendi, Sonia Rykiel and Via Spiga. The other one, Marinella (Riviera di Chiaia 287), is a tiny shop with a huge reputation for its classic men's accessories and, especially, silk ties.

A huge flea market with good bargains is found close to the Poggioreale jail and runs from Thursday through Monday. For typical handmade products, the best place to go is the Quartieri Spagnoli. This area still has the highest number of old craftsmen’s shops. The sophisticated, expensive Capodimonte porcelain, cameos and gouaches are particularly famous. Naples is also tied to the traditions of leather goods as well as gold and silver objects. If you are interested in buying the famous nativity scene figurines made in terracotta you should visit via San Gregorio Armeno: here you can find all types of figurines, all made by hand.
This well rated jewellery shop mixes contemporary design with ancient tribal traditions, and can give many ideas for gifts or souvenirs, such as necklaces made out of lava or minerals stones.
Fashion Victim Store
A careful selection of clothes from different fashion brands is the centre of this very well-known shop, which concentrates on quality rather than quantity. Regardless of gender, all fashion lovers will find this place a heaven on earth.
Salumeria Rafele O'Lattaro
For a traditional Italian food shopping experience, choose this old-fashioned store, where you'll be able to buy both street food and local specialities to bring home. Literally named 'cold cuts shop', Rafele o'Lattaro also offers great cheese.
Ceramiche Di Vietri
On Via Monteoliveto take a look at Di Vietri's wide range of beautifully painted ceramic products, in a perfect little gift shop that brings colour to the street.
Dolce Idea
Award-winning chocolate maker Gennaro Bottone has opened his own shop and offers confetti, gelato or delicious cioccolatini, which probably contribute to make the world a happier place to live in.
Io Sono La Chianina
All of La Chianina's products, from meat and vegetables to beverages and even honey, are strictly organic and known for their mouth-watering flavour - stop here for some quality food shopping.
Profumeria Pepino
After more than a hundred years of history and experience, Pepino keeps distributing some of the best perfume brands on the market, such as Acqua Classica di Napoli, and is an elegant stop if you're looking for fresh Italian fragrances.
Pepi Vintage Sunglasses
As its name suggests, this sunglasses shop focuses on items from the 50s, 60s and 70s, aiming to recreate the vibrant, retro atmosphere of those years. The owner is super friendly, and carefully selects every piece from its collection, making this shop a must-see for vintage lovers.

Tourist Information for Naples

Naples International Airport, Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli, is located approximately 7 kilometres from the city centre.

To get into the city centre, take a special bus from the local transport company ANM. Its name is Alibus and it departs 250 metres from Terminal 1 every 20 minutes. You can buy the ticket on borad, or visit .

Taxis are available from outside the arrival concourse, and most of them have fixed rates for trips to the major destinations.

To hire a car, make an inquiry directly to a car company, such as:

Avis Naples Airport
+39 081 780 5790
Mon-Sun 7:30am-11:30pm

Europcar Naples Airport
+39 081 780 5643
Mon-Sun 7:30am-11:30pm

Hertz Naples Aeroporto
+39 081 231 1200
Mon-Sun 7:30am-11:30pm
Passport / Visa
Italy can be visited visa-free for up to 90 days by citizens of most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Israel, UAE and most countries in America. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. International (non-Schengen) travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the end of their intended trip in order to enter the Schengen zone. Citizens of Schengen countries can travel without a passport, but must have a valid ID with them during their stay.
Best Time to Visit
The best time to go sightseeing in Naples and enjoying its beauty to the fullest is probably spring or late summer - May, June, or September. The weather should be warm and pleasant, even if a couple rainy days can happen.
June and August are the best months for going to the beach and swimming, but they can be very hot. Plus, the city might feel a bit empty, since many Neapolitans go abroad on their summer holidays.
Christmas time in Naples be a surprising experience - the city gets crowded with street markets and nativity-themed stands.
Public Transport
The most comfortable way to get around Naples is walking, but since the city is quite large, sooner or later you might have to use public transport. It is best to avoid driving because of the heavy traffic.

The Unico Campania company has an integrated fare card system to cover the public transport network for the whole area. The card covers 14 different types of transportation and is called TIC ticket.
You can buy hourly, daily, weekly and monthly tickets at tobacco shops or at some newspaper stands; there are also ticket machines in many railways and metro stations.
It is very important to validate the ticket in order to avoid fines - you can find validating machines on board. Validate your daily, weekly and monthly ticket at first use, and remember to fill out personal information on the ticket if required.

Different tourist cards are also available - check the most updated offers on the Unico website:
The main taxi companies in Naples are:

Radio Taxi Napoli
+39 081 8888 1111

Radio Partenope
+39 081 01 01
Post offices in Italy are indicated by a yellow and blue sign. Find one of them at:
Farmacia Di Lullo:
Country code: +39

Area code: 081 (Naples)
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