Houfy is an innovative advertising platform that allows members to book and connect directly, without paying service fees. Read here why you should join Houfy:

  1. Houfy does not charge owners or guests commissions
  2. Guest payments are not withheld. Connect with Stripe or Square on Houfy to receive payment at time of booking
  3. Travelers do not pay booking fees.  Send departing guests your Houfy listing so they don't have to pay service fees on their next stay
  4. To gain independence & maintain total control of your property
  5. To communicate directly with your prospective renters via phone, text or email so you can vet them before they book and make sure your rental is a good fit for them
  6. Houfy provides you with a search engine the way things used to be—with full transparency. Houfy shows exact pricing when searched with dates
  7. You will not be penalized in search results for not having flexible policies or instant book 
  8. Guests abide by your set policies; Houfy does not override your cancellation policies
  9. Create local guides that you and your guests can share on social media.  You don't even have to list a property on Houfy in order to use these FREE tools
  10. Houfy is a great tool in addition to your own website; we offer calendar, quote, reviews and pricing widgets as well!
  11. Use your Houfy listing as a website to link to your Google Business Listing or Facebook page & be found on Houfy for travelers who google your property to avoid paying service fees

Adding your listing into Houfy is extremely simple! You can do this by using our import tool or by manually adding your listing.

  • Import your listing from AirBnB - use the import tool to add your listing to our network in less than 10 seconds. This will import you entire listing except for the Calendar and Rates.
  • Set pricing - this is necessary to activate your listing and please complete the rates, seasons, booking cut off date, etc. 
  • Import your Calendar & sync with the other sites. You will only import your calendar this one time.  Moving forward Houfy automatically syncs the calendars every 6 HRS. You can also manually sync, by clicking on the sync icon. Airbnb Video VRBO video
  • Sync reviews - if you imported reviews from your ABB listing, then you may need to sync reviews with VRBO, and vice versa.  You will need to periodically click on the sync icon in order to update the review sync.  This is not automatic. - Video Link
  • Set up Payments: Houfy has Stripe and Square options integrated.  Sign up with those or set up your own method of accepting payment
  • Verify your listing is completed

Otherwise manually upload your listing.

  • Overview - Room Details - Location - Amenities - Suitability - Verifications
  • Photos - Please view this article about moving your photos
  • Pricing - Please be advised, we need a price to be activated on our advertising platform. For more information: click here
  • Reviews: You can import/export reviews
  • Activities - Please select the activities which are available to your guests near your property
  • Calendar - Please sync your calendar

Adding Profile details

  • Verify phone number, email, and upload a profile pic

Why is all of this necessary?  Because Houfy isn't going to allow outdated listings, unverified profiles etc. You need to be prepared to accept a booking request. 

Be part of the solution: Join our Facebook Member Group and get the latest insights and updates. Houfy uses powerful programs which can easily be changed to any of your wishes/suggestions.

Your Place, Your Rules

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