Houfy pricing strategies for members

Jan 24, 2019 . 2 min read

Published January 23, 2019

We will most probably edit this article multiple times in the near future. You will need to add a price to your listing to be activated on our marketplace.

Log in > My Listings > Edit > Pricing

Please be advised: We have 3 ways to set pricing; unlike most other marketplaces.

  • Base price
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Calendar Pricing

Seasonal Prices override Base Prices and Calendar Prices override both, Seasonal and Base Prices!

Houfy shows exact pricing calculations when guests inquire with selected dates

Pricing, as well as your Pictures, Name & Description of your listing, are THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT factors for getting bookings or not.

Have you been to a fruit market lately? Which banana do you buy? The discounted older looking one or the good looking perfect bananas for the right price? How does your property show on Houfy? Is the picture perfect or is it outdated/too small? It is the first impression guests have! How about the price? Is your place correctly priced? Or too expensive/cheap? Filter properties around you place and check your pricing.

Did you know the market across the street has great bananas for an even better price? It is the same price as going to the banana dealer direct. Houfy wants to be this new market for properties across the street.


A) Base price: $100 a night (You researched places around you and noticed the prices are around this price for places with similar options/amenities)

B) Seasonal price: (These prices will override the base price)

  • Summer season: June 15th - September 1st: $125
  • Winter season: December 15th - April 15th: $150

As I am writing this I might have found a way to "repeat these seasons" yearly!

Currently, they are set for specific years only as the calendar is used to create them. The seasons expire and you have an option to get an e-mail notification from us to adjust the season.

C) Calendar price: (These prices override both the seasonal price and the base price)

This can be useful for offering discounts or last minute specials or when there is a special event you could raise your pricing in a very simple way.

Currently, listings with expired seasons and no base price show "0" on our marketplace. We will be hiding these listings (per April 1, 2019) until the members update their pricing. Many owners added their listing(s) to Houfy last year to help us build the site we are all looking for, the marketplace across the street.

Creating a marketplace like Houfy has been and still is difficult and complicated, the more inventory we get, the more we can remove/hide outdated listings. It will be our job to find those listings and remind those members to update their pictures and pricing etc.

Why base rate? This is for the owners who use a base rate and add special pricing in the calendar. There are many owners who do not have seasons. The base rate will not expire, bookings can be done far in the future. (And this is why we have a cut off date)

Thank you so much for supporting us!

I would also like to mention: We are working on an API for Houfy, with which we can connect to different services for example: OwnerRez. (Pricing will be updated daily - no further need for editing within Houfy) The same API can also be used for other property management services (PMS). Houfy will need to connect with these other services as well to receive updated information. We will update you during this year.

Thank you.

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