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1. Sign-up for Square and Get Discount

Last modified: 2 years ago

1. Sign-up for Square and Get Discount

I'll be creating additional posts that describe how to configure your Square account. This post is Step 1: Signing up with Square.

Long before Houfy, I was using Square credit card processing to send email invoices to my guests and keep track of payments. I never handled credit cards so I didn't worry about the liability of managing this sensitive private information. Square also allowed me to configure and schedule my future invoicing which made it very easy to ensure payments were timely. Email invoicing also allows me to attach a copy of my rental agreement to the digital invoice keeping all records in check.

I much prefer to receive payments by check from my guests to avoid the 2.9% fee on the invoice total + 30 cent charge per invoice and I say so on my invoice message. However, if payment by credit card is preferred by my guest, I'm glad that I can offer it to them. Now Houfy allows me to integrate my Square account with my Houfy property listings. That's convenient!

Create Your Square Account and Save on your Initial Sales Fees

Your best bet is to sign up using a referral link. By doing so, both you and the referral person receive free credit card processing on $1,000 of sales in the next 180 days. This is a great deal for both. Once you're set up, you can share your referral link to get additional free processing, but this time as the referrer.

Feel free to use my referral link to set up your account: https://squareup.com/i/SUSANBONFI

Remember, that signing up for Square credit card processing can be used for any business. Whether you run a retail store or travel the crafters circuit, Square can help you manage your inventory, customers, sales and marketing.

Once you have your own Square account, you can share your referral link to keep the savings going. And should you use email invoicing, you can choose to add your referral link to the invoice. You never know if one of your customers is looking to start or enhance their own business and would love to offer credit card processing while earning some discounts.

Look for my next post about setting up your new Square account.

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Last modified: 2 years ago
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