You Want to Rent! Now What?

To rent Tiki House Pensacola Beach or any other rental, you need to do your homework first. Look on the listing for information that can help you decide if the house is a good fit for your group: House Rules, house details, price and availability.

Once you think you are ready to rent or if you want to clarify something with the owner, it is time for CONTACT!

1. Check if your dates are available (check the calendar first) and the price is in your budget (select dates and see the cost).

2. Send an inquiry to the owner. Let them know when and why you are renting. Be upfront with all necessary information about your group. Number of adults, children, infants (usually under 2) and any special needs your group has. Even let them know how you prefer to pay.

3. Things to have ready: the deposit amount, a copy or picture of your government ID (driver's license), and the names and contact information of other guests in case the owner requires it. Now is the time to contact.

4.The owner will respond. Be patient if it is late at night or they are in a different time zone. They may be in bed! If you are contacting multiple owners, keep a list so you don't repeat your inquiry.

4. Once the owner has responded, and you both decide the house is a good fit for you, be ready to sign a rental agreement (electronically or via USPS), send the copy of your ID and pay your deposit.

5. Once you have met all your requirements to rent, the owner should let you know you are good to go, at least until the next payment is due. Be sure you know the cancellation policy and payment due dates and mark them on your calendar. You don't want to lose the rental or money because you missed a deadline or missed a cancellation milestone.

If you are organized and keep communicating with the owner, you should find renting a vacation home the best way to enjoy any area you visit. Remember that the home is not a hotel. It is a home. And the owner is just as nervous about opening it up to someone they don't know as you are about renting to someone you don't know. So get to know each other and enjoy!

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