It is "doctor's orders."

You know why you LOVE the beach! Now you can find out why you NEED the beach! Being at the beach is good for you! Studies have even found that people who live near the beach live longer, healthier lives. Why?

Why a Visit to the Beach is Good for You
Study says going to the beach is good for your mental and physical well-being
Have you ever wondered why you feel energized after going to the beach? Several studies from the United States and Britain found out that the beach improves happiness, well-being, and even the brain function of an individual.

Beach life is slower and more relaxed. But again, why? There is a lot of speculation, but most research agrees that the beach offers all our senses a recharge or release! The colors of the water fill some need for many. The smell of water, the sound of water, the feel of sea breezes could all contribute. But the opportunities to live more of our lives outdoors and more actively is sure to contribute.

Not all of us can live at the beach. No problem! Even a visit to the beach is good for you. Even planning for a visit and looking forward to it can reduce stress, improve mood and help you handle the everyday stresses of living in today's fast paced world.

Start planning your next trip to Tiki House Pensacola Beach Florida! A vacation rental should be part of your heath care plan!

Why a Visit to the Beach is Good for You
Tiki House Pensacola Beach - Pensacola Beach
Vacation Home in Pensacola Beach. With over 3000 sq ft of room with a HUGE 1600 sq. ft. recreation room to spread out, Tiki House has it all! Steps from the beach! Beach and Gulf views from nearly every room and ...

Plan a visit to Tiki House Pensacola Beach and share the gift of healthy living with your friends and family in a vacation home that sleeps 20! Gather together and enjoy the good life!

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