What do we do? We Saw a Turtle!

If you see a sea turtle nesting, hatching, sick, injured or deceased, call

the Santa Rosa Island Authority at (850) 932-2257

Gulf Islands National Seashore at (850) 934-2600

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation at 888-404-FWCC

Here are some helpful tips:

GO DARK - When walking the beach at night during turtle season, remember to use a red flashlight. Sea turtles and hatchlings are less likely to be attracted and disoriented by red lighting.

TURTLE ETIQUETTE - Don’t touch or harass a nesting sea turtle or baby hatchlings as they leave their nest. Watch quietly from a distance and never shine lights or use flash photography, which could disorient them.

FILL IT IN and KNOCK IT DOWN - Fill in large holes, knock down sand castles and other obstacles to leave the beach flat for nesting sea turtles.

LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND – Remove all tents, canopies, furniture, toys and other obstacles from the beach every night.

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