Tiki House Pensacola Beach has a HUGE side-by-side refrigerator for large groups. We do have an additional refrigerator in the RecRoom/Garage if needed.

KitchenAid Side by Side User Guide

This refrigerator has filtered water and ice dispenser in the door. If no ice is coming through the door, open the freezer and check if ice is in the dispenser. If it is full, try removing the ice or breaking it up for dispensing. If the door was held open during stocking, the ice may melt and then refreeze. It will not dispense if this occurs.

If there is no ice in the dispenser, check if the ice function has been turned off. This is located on the upper right side of the freezer wall. Switch to the "ON" position and allow time to make ice.

If the refrigerator is not cooling and you have recently loaded a lot of food, keep the door closed and allow it to catch up. It is cooling, but will take time to cool everything down if it is full.

There is an additional refrigerator/freezer in the garage that you can split up your groceries until the unit is able to cool down.

Please check the guide for more hints on using most effectively.

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