How to see Blue Angels at Tiki House Pensacola Beach!

The dates for Blue Angels come out 18 months in advance or more. The 2 weeks for Blue Angels are the week before the show (practice week with dress rehearsal) with the show on Saturday, and the week after the show (show on Saturday afternoon) and your stay is afterwards.

Most people who come for Rehearsal Week, leave before the crowds arrive on Saturday morning. Check-out is at 10 a.m., but most leave even earlier. This is the perfect week for families with elderly members or small children.

Here is a typical Rehearsal Week Schedule starting with the Wednesday before the show.

Wed. - Breakfast with the Blues. Should be overhead 8 am

Thu.. - Practice flight demo with the Blue Angels at 2 pm

Fri. - Dress Rehearsal with civilian acts and Blue Angels Rehearsal begins at Noon, Blue Angels fly at 2 pm

Sat.,- Pensacola Beach Air Show featuring the Blue Angels Show begins at Noon Blue Angels fly at 2 pm

So how does it work if you stay for the show and check-in that day? We allow visitors to park at the house, use the outside viewing decks and pool during the show, while cleaners are cleaning the house. Or you can take the free trolley to Casino Beach and watch from there. You don't have to worry about traffic and still get to be in the thick of things. Just come back to the house afterwards and it will be ready!

Both weeks are spectacular and our beach and decks are perfect for viewing!

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