Located a short drive from Tiki House Pensacola Beach, this is a MUST SEE attraction! Free admission and so much to see! Don't miss the Blue Angels when they are in town! Their practice is free to view and remembered forever!

To get there, do not rely on GPS alone. You must enter by the West Gate Entrance off of Blue Angel Parkway, not the gate off of Navy Blvd. You will find the museum and practice field just past the West Gate.

Don't forget your driver's license and IDs. All adults need to show a valid ID as this is a working Naval Base.

Check out their practice schedule and museum details below!

National Naval Aviation Museum - FREE ADMISSION
Welcome - National Naval Aviation Museum
Note that all visitors who do not have a DOD ID or are not escorted by a holder of a DOD ID must enter and exit NAS Pensacola via the West Gate off Blue Angel Parkway ( 1878 S Blue Angel Pkwy).

Tiki House Pensacola Beach is more than a great beach home. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and near one of most historical and interesting towns in the USA! We love Tiki House and know you will too!

National Naval Aviation Museum - FREE ADMISSION
Tiki House Pensacola Beach - Pensacola Beach
Vacation Home in Pensacola Beach. With over 3000 sq ft of room with a HUGE 1600 sq. ft. recreation room to spread out, Tiki House has it all! Steps from the beach! Beach and Gulf views from nearly every room and ...

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