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Listing, Renting Sites and Service Fees

There is a lot of questions about service fees charged to renters on a variety of listing/booking vacation rental sites. What do you get for that fee?

Some people believe the owners are paying the fee, but remember all fees and taxes in every business are passed on to the consumer. Vacation Rentals are no different. But fees are not all bad. If you get something worth having or worth the cost of the fee, then it may be worth paying.

But buyer beware! Promises to find you another place to stay in case your booked rental burns down, can only work if there IS another place to book. Secure transactions are not impossible on other sites either. And even people on these site (as reported on national news) need to be vetted by renters.

Know what you are paying for and if the company can really deliver. The following facebook page is a great place to see real people's experiences with the fees and the companies that charge them. At Tiki House Pensacola Beach, we want you to feel comfortable and secure in all our transactions with us. But you need to take a look before you book.

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Last modified: 5 years ago
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