Know Your Limits

Tiki House Pensacola Beach welcomes parties. But we do have some restrictions to keep you and the house safe.

1. All events, that will require rented equipment or additional guests on premises, must have prior approval.

2. Guest limits must be maintained! No extra, off the street, or unexpected guests.

3. All rented equipment must be removed by check-out.

4. Noise ordinances observed. Quiet time begins at 10 p.m.

5. House rules apply to all guests. Any damages are the responsibility of the renter.

6. Only 20 persons may stay the night. Guests beyond the rental party must secure separate lodgings.

7. No camping or RVs allowed.

8. No parking on the lawn or opposite side of the street. Tickets will be issued by the county and damage to the yard and sprinkler system will be the renter's responsibility.

9. Any violation of the rental agreement could result in the loss of security deposit, eviction, or both.

10. Remember this is a residential neighborhood. Children and families live nearby. If there is suspected underage drinking, public intoxication, public indecency, drug use, excessive noise or other illegal activity, the Escambia County Sheriff's Department will be called and you could be arrested or evicted.