Fisher & Paykel Gas Range

Tiki House Pensacola Beach offers only the best in high-end appliances for your cooking pleasure. If you have any problems, check the trouble-shooting below and/or call us. We are here to help!

1. The burner will not light. If there is sparking, but no sound of gas flowing (hissing), the propane may be empty. The tank is located on the east side of the house near the pool pump. Check that no one has disconnected it. It is checked/replaced weekly and unlikely to be empty. Please call if you believe it is out of gas.

2. If the burner sparks and lights, but continues to spark, the lighting mechanism is wet or a spill has blocked it. Remove the copper eye, clean gently to remove any food from the burner. Directions below.

3. The burner lights, but is uneven. Make sure the burner is off and cool. The eye and dispersal ring may be slightly off center. Straighten and replace correctly..

4. The heat is too high, even on LO. This is propane. It is much hotter than natural gas. Turn the control level to HIGH and past HIGH toward the OFF position. Turn slowly until it is low enough for your purpose, but not so low that it continures to spark.

5. DO NOT CLEAN BY SCRAPING OR SCOURING WITH METAL. You will damage the stainless steel.

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