A visit to Tiki House and Pensacola Beach isn't complete without a visit to see the Blue Angels.

The best way to make sure you get the perfect picture of the Blue Angels in flight is to attend a practice or show. And don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures. One might actually turn out great!

You don't have to see the Blue Angels Air Show to see the Blue Angels! Even if you do, don't miss a chance to see a practice when you visit Pensacola, the Beach, or Tiki House! Here is a quick link to see when they are practicing! It makes a great day trip or a change from the beach! If you can tear yourself away!l

Click HERE for the current schedule of practices and shows!

Check out our Guide on Everything Blue for more information about the Blues!

Blue Angels Practice Schedule
Everything Blue Angles!
Everything Blue Angles! - Schedules, videos from the house, pictures, and hints to making the most of your trip to include the U.S. Navy...

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If you check the schedule, you can be on the deck at the right time to see them do a fly over on their way home! Have your cameras ready!

5 years ago

During spring, summer, and fall they do an evening flyover every Sunday as they return to NAS from various shows around the country.

5 years ago
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