Tiki House is one of the few vacation rentals, especially homes, with a private hot tub. They are expensive and take quite a bit of maintenance and care. We have our hot tub professionally maintained by a pool cleaning company and they do a fantastic job. To make their job easier, keep the tub sanitary while you are there, and make sure no one gets hurt, we ask everyone to follow all the rules.

In order for this amenity to remain functional and safe, read and heed all posted rules in the Welcome Book and by the tub. And NEVER use soaps or bath products! Although it won't hurt our guests, it will require the tub to be drained and refilled by the pro and you will lose the use while this is being done. The extra visit by the pro will be charged to your deposit. Soap is the only thing the hot tub can not filter out.

While enjoying our great vacation rental home, read the following article:

Things Not to Do in a Hot Tub.

Follow all posted hot tub rules, and DON'T do the following:

1. Don't use if pregnant or if you have any health issues without a doctor's permission

2. Don't use alcohol

3. Don't use if you have ANY open wound or sore

4. Don't have sex, urinate, or deficate in the hot tub

5. Don't turn up the heat above acceptable levels of 102-104 degrees

6. Don't allow children under 12 to use

7. Don't “play” or “horse around”

8. Don't remove any equipment or drain covers

9. Don't use during storms

10. Don't use alone

And NEVER use soaps or bath products!

And ALWAYS let us know if you have a question or problem with the hot tub! And enjoy Tiki House Pensacola Beach and the hot tub!

Read the rules here:

Hot Tub Rules

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