When your walking along the beach you never know what you will find. Hidden treasures are lurking in the sand. You might see a sand dollar, sharks tooth, a starfish, but if you are lucky you will find a Mermaid Purse.

A mermaid purse is an egg case. Inside you could find the egg of a Shark (Bullhead Shark, Carpet Sharks, or Ground Sharks), or Skates (Big and Longnose). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_case_(Chondrichthyes)

This photo was taken in Panama City Beach by a member of the I love Panama City Beach-Original Facebook group.~MR ******** Diamond on the Emerald Coast

Mermaid Purse
Little skate (Leucoraja erinacea) embryo hatching
This video shows a little skate embryo hatching from its egg. Video by Andrew Gillis (Gillis Lab, University of Cambridge).

Mermaid Purse
I Love Panama City Beach - The Original Facebook Group
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Mermaid Purse
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Mermaid Purse
A juvenile leopard shark (Stegastoma fasciatum) often referred to as zebra shark due to their juvenile zebra like patterns, hatching from its egg casing, also known as a mermaids purse. Once they hit approximately 6 months old they transition into their adult phase and take on a leopard print which is why they are also referred to as leopard sharks.

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At Tiki House Pensacola Beach you can find mermaid;s purses too. But they are rare! Thanks for the great article to share!

6 years ago
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