Falls - Dry Falls - Waterfalls... One of the most popular things to do here in our little corner of the mountains is to visit some of the many spectacular nearby waterfalls that can be found in our region. 

Dry Falls - Have you ever had the adventure of walking behind a big waterfall?  Have you ever had your voice drowned out by the roar of millions of gallons of water rushing by an arm’s length away from you?  Head on over to Dry Falls just outside of Highlands and experience it for yourself. At 75 feet tall, Dry Falls belies its name—it’s a huge cascade that runs year-round that flows over an overhanging bluff as the Cullasaja River drops elevation in the Cullasaja Gorge. The Cullasaja River through the Nantahala National Forest and Dry Falls is part of a series of waterfalls on an 8.7-mile (14 km) stretch of the river that eventually ends with Cullasaja Falls. When the water flow is low, you can walk behind the falls without getting wet, hence the name. But in wet rainy periods, the falls is at its most spectacular – if you go, be sure to bring a slicker or waterproof jacket as you’re sure to get a little wet in the mist and splashing of the falls.

Dry Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

Dry Falls and Bridal Veil Falls
Dry Falls near Highlands, NC - Asheville Trails
Hike a short, kid-friendly, quarter-mile trail to Dry Falls, a gorgeous walk-behind waterfall on the Cullasaja River near Highlands. It's one of North Carolina's most beautiful and easy-access waterfalls. It's a waterfall hike that's so short, it probably qualifies more as a short walk. But distance aside, this waterfall is exceptionally beautiful, all the same.

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