Look how happy they are! That’s because The Smartlie’s did it smartly!

They found their vacation rental online at a new website called HOUFY – (House-For-You).

Not only were they able to make their reservations directly with the owners safely and securely, they incurred no extra or surprise service or booking fees.

It was simple, fast, and easy!

They were even able to call the owners directly to get a few quick questions answered. The owners’ Houfy website was loaded with all kinds of photos and information about the area - what to do and where to go as well as some discounts for local attractions.

They said they can’t wait to go back to the same place again!

A Tale Of Two Vacations
Meet Harold and Martha Crabtree

Harold & Martha have been retired for a long time and are very careful about their expenses, especially when it comes time for vacations. Old friends told them they should “go online” and make all their arrangements with a popular vacation rental site. “They’ll take care of everything for you!”

So off to the Poconos went Harold & Martha. They also had a great time and came home refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

They live next door to the Smartlies and are usually very pleasant and happy. They’re good friends to George & Ann, in fact, it was on their suggestion the Smartlie’s vacationed in the Poconos.

So why are they so unhappy?

Because after talking to George & Ann, they discovered they all stayed at the same property. But because they made their vacation reservation thru a 3rd party OTA, it cost them almost 15% more than booking directly with the owners on their Houfy website.

They could have had a couple of more dinners out at a few of the recommended restaurants that were listed in the GUIDES posted on the property’s Houfy website.

Harold & Martha are looking forward to another planned Pocono vacation to the same property, but this time they’ll save a bunch of money. They'll do it the Smartlie way and book it directly.

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