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5 months ago
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HOUFY will stay free for basic listings!

Paid services for 2021 and beyond: to be clarified later in 2021

Premium listings (Min bid $10 per month 2-4 spots/per location)

A premium listing significantly increases your chances to be seen. You can expect to pay around $10-20 a month depending on your location. You will have to keep renewing your bid monthly if you want to hold onto the benefits of the upgrade.

  • The property will be highlighted in another color that stands out.
  • Your listing will be shown at the top of the search results as well as being amongst all the other properties, meaning double exposure!
  • Premium listings improve attention and click-throughs by 50%.
  • Chances to be seen on our homepage and/or destination pages if available.
Embed tools package ($59 per year)
Get included in weekly Houfy e-mails (Min Bid $20)
Website creation - Self Host ($69 a year) / Houfy hosts ($99 a year) - Click here to view samples.

Please be advised we are improving Houfy daily. To learn more: Join us @ Say Yes to Houfy on Facebook!

To add your listing from Airbnb or VRBO use this link:

Backup & sync your listing(s) in 10 SEC into the Houfy Network | HOUFY
Houfy has created a simple tool to create a backup of your listing including pictures and reviews. You never know!

Do you accept CC payments from guest, after verifying the card? How guest provide CC info?. How you send collected payment to host owner ?

a year ago

Hi Mario,

Please review this article regarding accepting payments on Houfy.

a year ago

I am glad that you have implemented a way to monetize this while being very useful for free!

8 months ago

What do you mean by HOUFY host.

8 months ago

Hi, I am just in the middle of joining... I want to manage the payments myself and have flexibility on pricing. so I can take payments in US dollar or UK sterling as required. Id mainly like my listing to show in US dollars which is how I have set my base rates, buy I am living in the UK so on my preview its showing in £ sterling any tips & comments will be greatfully appreciated. New to this Thanks

7 months ago
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