Can you request a security deposit and then separately split the rental rate between two payments?

Mar 07, 2019 . 1 min read

FAQ Houfy: Thursday, March 7 2019


1) At My listings > Edit > Pricing you can include or exclude the security deposit into the total payment due. We are still working on the security deposit to enable you to refund the security deposit after your guests stay. Right now, you will need to refund the security deposit yourself.

2) At My Listings > edit > settings > Payment information you can request a reservation deposit. This can be a small amount of the total rent due and can be a fixed $ amount or a percentage of the total.

You can accept the balance due by check or request the second payment by CC from your guest in the Houfy messaging system. Right now you will need to request this manually, we will be working on notifications to remind you and the guest the second payment will be due and we will create an automated system for this.

3) Adding Square or Stripe: My Listings > Payment > add Stripe/Square

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