What is Houfy

Houfy is the leading advertising platform for book-direct vacation rentals, with over 55,000 properties worldwide. From cozy homes to spacious apartments, you'll find the perfect vacation rental on Houfy. Plus, our platform allows you to book directly with hosts, saving you money on fees. Explore our extensive selection of vacation rentals and find your dream home away from home. Book with confidence on Houfy and enjoy a stress-free vacation.

What does Houfy mean?

HOUFY derived its name from “HOUse For You”

How do you pronounce Houfy?

Most members pronounce Houfy as: HowFee and some: Whofee (French)

Our mission is to save hosts and their guests money.
What makes HOUFY different?
  • Houfy is a market network that combines the best elements of social networks and marketplace features on one platform.
  • HOUFY grows with its members, creating a movement of like-minded individuals who share their listings and destination information to help the platform evolve and grow organically.
  • Houfy connects owners (hosts) directly with guests, allowing for more open communication and an improved experience for all parties.
  • Houfy provides technologies and services to promote places and grow businesses for its members, including Houfy maps, user-generated content tools, dynamic SEO, payment processing, and website integration widgets.
  • Houfy is a fun and social community where members can share their experiences and travel tips with others, and create travel communities around similar interests and needs.
  • Houfy is easy to use, allowing hosts to set up their listings from Airbnb or VRBO with just one click and sync their calendars across multiple sites.
  • Houfy is secure, using identity verification tools to promote a safe and trusted advertising platform.

What is a market network?
Houfy is a market network connecting people with properties directly.
A market network is a new business model of an “enabling economy”. The key attributes are:

  • Combine the main elements of both social networks and marketplaces
  • Use software to focus action around longer-term projects and relationships, not just a quick transaction
  • Promote the service provider as a differentiated individual, helping to build long-term business benefits
  • A market network elevates the person, their reputation, and their value.

Market networks have stronger retention and engagement. They represent a different way to do business compared to sites like Airbnb or Uber that simply aggregate demand. In that model, neither the seller nor the customer matter. An Uber driver doesn’t know the customer and the customer doesn’t know the driver. They may never connect again.

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