Say Yes to Houfy Facebook Group Purpose

This facebook group is the tech support/customer service group for Houfy. If you see people reporting any errors, feedback, suggestions, etc. - it is because that is the PURPOSE of this group. Imagine if you had a front row seat to Airbnb and Vrbo's tech support/customer service depts. You'd probably run away!

We also LOVE to discuss ways to educate travelers about the benefits of book direct. And of course Houfy!

Let travelers know their credit card already has many consumer protections, and don't let them waste hundreds on some bogus guarantee.

FYI - the majority of hosts who get bookings on Houfy have their system on auto pilot. All they do is update their social media/website and replace Airbnb links with their Houfy links. Then they announce to their followers they no longer need to pay hundreds to those sites and can just book and save hundreds on Houfy. It's really that simple.

Thanks Thijs & Swapnil

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