Hi, I am Gigi, born 1974 in Austria. After 2 decades of a nice life in the upper management I understood something is missing and that my life is not fulfilling anymore. After my frustration got bigger and bigger - and at the same time my dream took all my attention 24 hours the day, I knew it was time to change everything. I took the maximum risk to achieve what I was dreaming of: my own island in the Caribbean with an eco friendly off grid beach house - without any neighbors. Just me and the pure nature. In 2016 I have sold all my stuff in Europe, my home, my car, every single DVD, all my beloved technical equipement, my Dolby Surround System, my 60 inch Full HD Flatscreen, my X-Box :-) And purchased a completely undeveloped island in Belize, Central America! In January 2017 I left everything behind and travelled without one single key to Belize, just one bag with my most important things. That was a very strange feeling, when you realize that everything you own is an undeveloped island. No cozy home to live in, no car, no friends. Nothing was left. From the first day on I started to build my dream house on Lark Caye, 6 miles from Placencia. 7 months later, end of July 2017 almost everything was finished. And it got better, than I could imagine in my wildest dreams. Pelicans around me, Spotted Eagle Rays, an unbelievable Coral Reef right in front of me that I did not really realize right from the beginning. All the money is spent now and everything turned out well, the place is so beautiful. I have new friends, live in a beautiful apartment on the mainland (because the island is always booked), have 2 boats and all the people here in Belize are so warmhearted and friendly. After two years in business I can be proud of it that my guests love the place on the island as much as I do. My dream is reality now and I still can´t believe, that I am here. But if you trust your ideas and strength 100%, give 100% and dream 100%, then everything is possible. From a life behind the office-desktop to a life in the middle of the Caribbean. It is just unbelizable :-)