Schooled in finance + environmental science in Ohio, I've made my home in beautiful Seattle for the last 27 years. I have lovingly remodeled + upgraded my home by blending the charm of a 110-yr old house with modern amenities. I've also surrounded my home with a private garden that is an official backyard Wildlife Sanctuary as designated by the Washington Department of Fish + Wildlife.

I love creating cool spaces using a minimalist approach + have converted the upstairs floor into my Acupuncture + Thai yoga massage office. I love when clients + friends walk through the door, breathe a deep sigh + say "This place is amazing. Can I live here?!!"

When I'm not working + teaching, I'm spending time in my garden, on my mt. bike, at the gym, doing research, making stuff with my hands, exploring the world + being goofy.

Favorite places I've traveled include Bali, Czech Republic, Greece, Laos, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain + Thailand. I also love exploring the great Pacific Northwest + love playing in the woods on Whidbey Island. My short list for travel includes Austria, Iceland, Japan, Scotland, Slovenia + Vietnam.

Motto #1: Live a life of balance including work + play.

Motto #2: Do one day. Finish it. Then do the next when it comes.