A few days ago (early January 2019) I posted in our Houfy member facebook group a story about our Houfy "Mall". The story doesn't stop there..

Let's have a look at Houfy's "property chess game".

FYI, I love chess, my father taught me; I beat him for the first time in 1986 when I was 16 years old. It's a fantastic strategic game, I'm currently teaching my 3 children and their friends at school. In 1995, I remember playing Yahoo Chess online (Dial-up internet) and going up to a maybe 3600 rating? .. smile.. , I thought I was close to great.. until I started to play with some pro's in Washington Square Park in Manhattan... hmm, they were so much better.. and of course I lost money! Smile.

Houfy and chess? What is the relation? Sometimes I look at Houfy as a 3D chess game. You can go left or right and things happen.. Swapnil and I are trying to make this game, the site - Houfy, perfect for all players, guests looking to book, owners looking to list etc.

You start building the game: putting the pieces together, adding a listing/editing a listing for vacation rental owners; the same for real estate; looking for listings, results - for guests; creating a filter; creating a messaging system, payment system etc. These are all pieces which need to work with actions to take place. Notifications and e-mails need to be automatically sent etc.

What can be done with Houfy? Basically right now Houfy is mostly a marketplace for Vacation Rentals. Some members have added a direct payment system (Stripe/Square) and of course there are some moves not working properly. Swapnil and I try to make all work flawlessly.

Houfy is still very much a project in the making and we are working on the 2D part of it; making sure all pieces work properly. In the mean time we are testing a few things in the 3D part of the game, this is when the pieces start moving up and down/left and right.. This is when our social site, this post/story I am writing right now, starts working with Google/Bing and SEO. Here, I am writing about Houfy & Chess. You could be writing about your favorite restaurants/activities/events near your rental and this is when the 3D game starts.. OH, and I know there are quite a few "spies" looking at the game; we do make strange moves once in a while to change their focus..

Google will start picking up on these posts, just like your listing(s) and Houfy will start growing. For the "Mall" the listings for "sale/rent" are in the shops, but the news is flying around the mall and outside the mall through the sharing of posts/stories and guides. Houfy is very much a connected "Market Network".

Swapnil and I will continue working on the pieces and the board to make sure all will work correctly for all of you. Sharing local information with your guests and potential future guests is what Houfy is all about and we hope this will work well for all of us.

Please be advised, we do not have the Millions or Billions of $ to spend on marketing your places, Houfy will be free for the foreseeable future and with your help, we might be able to succeed in creating a true #bookdirect and #buydirect movement, worldwide; and hopefully have some real good information on our site about things to do, events to attend and other local places to visit per destination on Houfy.

Thanks for your help/suggestions, we are listening to all of you.

Thijs (Tice) & Swapnil.

Oh: If you haven't joined our "Facebook Group" - please join: A "working" group of active Houfy members:

Houfy is a 3D "chess game for properties" in the making
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