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World traveler - with roots in London and the Caribbean - I try to make the most of it by visiting 3 new places every year.

2019 - I'm helping other Airbnb hosts to provide a great service to their guests.
2018 - Keeping my guests happy - my no.1 priority.
2017 - Loving Airbnb!

2013 - I recently returned from Istanbul. I stayed in a hotel there, which was very nice but at times I yearn for more of a 'local' experience. I recently joined AirBnB as a couple of my friends host their apartments on AirBnB and now I'm giving it a try myself. I hope to find somewhere to stay for a trip to Barcelona June 2013 and San Francisco August 2013.

2015 update - I've stayed in a couple AirBnB places now (5+) and have enjoyed every one! I've also had the opportunity to host other AirBnBers, thank you all.

2015 Nov - I attended the Airbnb Open conference in Paris, I really enjoy the sharing economy concept.

2016 update - I am helping my Aunty Carole to host her spare room in Trinidad.

Guests please note:
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Thank you and kind regards - Adrian

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