Vanessa Wick

Hi—I'm Vanessa. I travel a lot with my husband and have used short term rentals for our stays almost exclusively in recent years. We’ve always enjoyed the pride and personalized touches owner-hosts put into in their properties, not to mention the genuine concern they have in making sure their guests have a great experience. All too often, these things are inexplicably absent in the sterile environments of even the most expensive hotels. The places we’ve stayed (and the people who made them special) played an important part in some of our best family memories, which inspired us to do the same for others by starting our own short-term rental in family-friendly Arlington. My husband remodeled more than 40 homes and loves transforming lackluster houses into to something that leaves a long-lasting impression. I grew up in Spain, formally studied interior design, and also speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French (if you happen to be travelling internationally). I like to create fresh, modern living spaces without sacrificing the comfort, functionality, and warmth so-often overlooked in modern design—all well-equipped with the things you will need while you’re here. You’ll feel at home the moment you walk in . . . and probably a little sad when you have to leave. My goal as a hosts is simple: I want you to have a phenomenal time doing whatever you came here to do, while feeling a little like you didn’t have to leave home to do it. I also hope that where you stayed will be a part of the great memories you made with family and friends during your visit-- whether grilling in the back yard, relaxing around the fire pit, or simply staying somewhere that wasn’t a hotel room you were all to glad to leave when it was over.