What is it and how can it help?

I had an expert in a class on SEO, Search Engine Optimization, describe the net like a spider web. When someone does a search, SEO determines what results they see first. The top results come from the places with the most and best activity.

The top ranked results come up based on the best relevancy and quality. SEO determines what is relevant and the highest quality based on other sites' interactions with each other. A good result will be one that others are using, linking to and referencing.

SEO and Houfy

If you think of the the search engines as spiders crawling along the web, on the threads that link us together, you can visualize how Houfy will benefit by all our stories and posts. Each strand that connects us to each other and to other sites (tourism, Facebook, restaurants, attractions, and more) makes a knot of activity that is attractive to the search engines. So if I link to outside sites, and you link to me, I am also linked to the sites YOU are linked to. If you can get others to link back to you, it just makes the knot stronger and more attractive.

But there is a problem though. The "spiders" recognize when we copy others content because it is repetitive. They want the content in a story or post to be unique and more than just a link to another site. If someone just cuts and pastes the content, they have tipped-off those "spiders" that the content isn't interesting. It isn't "quality." Or if you link to something that is no longer available or a broken link, it can hurt as well. And they will pass right by. They are attracted to unique content, pictures, graphics, relevant keywords and LINKS!

So write, create, and tell YOUR story!

SEO and Houfy

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