We have installed magnetic roman shades in many parts of the beach house. These are safer for small children and are washable so we can keep the home clean.

The slats are fitted with magnets that will fasten to the magnets in other slats or onto the main rod as they match up. To lower, gently pull the shade down until the magnets detach. To raise, raise the desired tier to the one above and touch them together until you feel the magnetic pull. If the slates do not stick, try turning the slat around inside its pocket as sometimes they get turned by accident when lowering the shade quickly.

Watch the video below to see how to raise and lower similar shades.

Raising and Lowering Our Magnetic Shades
Chicology Home | Cordless Magnetic Roman Shade Tutorial - Demonstration
A quick demonstration of how to use the Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shade. Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman shades are smart, stylish, safe and practical - offering depth and elegance to any room. All it takes to operate is a simple lift of the shade to the desired height and it will snap securely, thanks to its strong magnets.

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Raising and Lowering Our Magnetic Shades
Tiki House Pensacola Beach - Pensacola Beach
Vacation Home in Pensacola Beach. With over 3000 sq ft of room with a HUGE 1600 sq. ft. recreation room to spread out, Tiki House has it all! Steps from the beach! Beach and Gulf views from nearly every room and ...
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