Captain Scott A. Kingsley, B.S., J.D., Northeastern University, Massachusetts School of Law. Lifelong resident of Buoy 23, family property since 1929. Constable at Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1974. U.S.C.G Licensed Master of Steam and Motor Driven Vessels.

More than 85 years ago, with much of the Gloucester waterfront available to him, Grandfather Russo, chose Buoy 23 as the base for his boating & tuna fishing hobbies. He spent the remaining 21 years of his life developing the property to his exacting specifications. Since then, his family has made every effort to preserve the original style and charm of this wonderful property. In the past 8 years that we have been offering the property to the public, all income has been re-invested in property improvements. Our goal is to be the caretakers for a select group of long-term clients that appreciate and understand the vacation home rental concept. We look forward to see you as a cherished stakeholder in our venture.