Since I have been dealing with property sales and rentals for several decades, I feel quite comfortable with people's needs or what their looking for. When traveling either for a vacation or a short stay for numerous reasons, I have many satisfied clients that have come and gone. Some even giving me nice gift certificates because I really made a difference. Why stay at a plain rental looking at a parking lot or nothing special when you can enjoy sunsets, the changing of the tide, fish jumping, a dolphin or manatees on occasion, and all that follows. Great sunsets to end your day in a colorful way. Inquire here about what is available for your dates or special plans. You will feel at home, and have many advantages in this location and all that the area offers! Beaches, shopping, sports, marinas and parks, and great places to eat, shop and visit all the coastal villages around. You' ll be glad you found this one of a kind villa. Fish at the dock or just relax and enjoy it all!