Rock Groups

So excited to find a painted rock in our community. Have you heard of 'Rock Groups'?

People decorate rocks and leave them in places in hopes that someone will find their rock, post it on a Facebook Rock Group, then hide it again. There are many Facebook groups for rocks. Our local FB group is "OBX Rocks".

This rock was painted and hidden by someone from Altoona, PA! I found this one and hid it again.

Bring out your artistic side and paint some rocks. Hid them and make someone's day!

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I've heard of this. But how does the original hider know who found the rock? Does it say on the rock where to post a pic so the hider knows who found it?

5 years ago

The rocks I have found have the rock group name on the back. Once it's found, you post on the groups FB page to show where you found it. You hid it again and post clues so others can possibly find it. Rocks end up traveling all over. Pretty neat actually.

I have found a few and fun to come across. All have made me smile. Some people create real works of art, share a quote, a smiley face, or even sometimes personal things that they are trying to deal with. It's a hobby any age can do. I've found Rock groups for many towns. It's become a popular activity For many.

5 years ago
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