Yes, that poor, unfortunate heap of metal and plastic is a car ... Or at least, it used to be a car.

For pretty obvious reasons (need to run snowplows, to avoid overcrowding and to keep streets clear), the Town of Mammoth restricts overnight winter parking pretty severely. In fact, there are very few locations where you can park overnight. The risk if you do is that if you're lucky you'll only have a ticket. If you're unlucky, you'll return to find only part of your car once the snowplows are done. Locals love to post pics all over social media of these situations and we have plenty posted on our guide to winter parking in Mammoth. We also have a list of overnight parking lots which are safe and convenient.

Check it out here:

Winter Season Parking in Mammoth Lakes
Put it in park for the winter seasons
At Sonenalp and Apogee, we are lucky to have fantastic parking as compared to most Mammoth properties. Sonenalp offers 2 garage spaces per condo (plus a couple extra for guests) and Apogee has a...

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