Lucy Lugo

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We spent eight years saving the planet one box at time as the former owners of Treehugger Boxes. Now we save folks from Bad Hotel Stays one guest at a time! :-)
We HEART Dallas! Dallas offers so many wonderful options. Nightlife, Music, Dining, Shopping and Outdoor Adventure. We have found many great places to enjoy Dallas outdoors! We love to hike/walk/run on the trails Dallas offers. We also love music, for a chill night try Opening Bell Coffee House. Enjoy singer songwriters and coffee or wine! We are honored to be a part of the Airbnb community as both Hosts and Co-Hosts, and we are excited to offer a quality vacation rental that will leave our guests satisfied and looking forward to their next visit to our great City. We have used vacation rentals since 2007 and try to add everything we value in a stay. We give all the privacy you desire; however, we are responsive to any of our renters needs. We offer self check-in at most of our places. We always have a great referral for lunch or dinner. We are pretty much tethered to our Airbnb message app so we can be responsive to our guests needs. We have left some suggestions that we have personally tried and loved in each home! Carpe Diem and Enjoy your Stay!