Myrtle Beach Marathon

The 21st annual Myrtle Beach Marathon took place on March 3, 2018. I took this picture as the runners ran past Ocean Blue Myrtle Beach.

Over 5500 individuals participate in this race annually. It was named one of the ‘Top Ten Winter Marathons’ by USA TODAY and is the largest marathon in South Carolina.

The marathon course, which the half marathon follows for the first 12.1 miles, has a maximum elevation of 19.98 ft and a total ascent of 110.02 ft. The Myrtle Beach Marathon is ranked highly in most likely marathons to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

The private street side balconies of Ocean Blue 503 and Ocean Blue 803 are ideal places to watch the runners. The runners will be running north right past Ocean Blue Myrtle Beach. Or you can take a stroll downstairs to watch/cheer your family/friends as they run by Ocean Blue Myrtle Beach.

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