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What is Houfy

Right now Houfy provides an easy to use, unique and enhanced experience to list or find vacation rental properties with no booking fees or communication restrictions.

Our mission is to connect people and places directly.

HOUFY derived its name from “HOUse For You”

HOUFY is the next step in the evolution of online vacation rental marketing. We’ve created a platform where people can connect with people … guests connecting with owners and managers .. without the control of a middleman (like VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnB, etc).

What makes HOUFY different?

Houfy is a market network: combining the best elements of marketplaces with social networks. Houfy will be unique for the Real Estate and Lodging industries. With Houfy, members can easily share local information around their place attached to their listing(s) in the form of "guides".

  • P2P (Person to Person)…we connect guests with owners … no middleman!
  • HOUFY is built and running on industry-leading technology
  • HOUFY grows and evolves organically as users add listings and destination information.
  • HOUFY will be creating destination pages with member guides specific to each location.
  • With HOUFY you can sync’ your calendars and communications across multiple rental sites.
  • Dynamic SEO ( search engine optimization) means that user created pages, images, video and text will be easily catalogued by Google, BING, Yahoo, etc.
  • Security … employing next-gen’ technology to identify potential fraud and spam and promote a safe and trusted marketplace.
  • Social … travel is all about experiences with friends and family! On HOUFY, users share their experiences and travel tips!

Houfy Promise:

Houfy is committed to providing a property listing service today and forever. The Houfy listing service shall:

  1. Never require any booking fee transactions between owners and guests.
  2. Never require platform only communication by blocking owner or guest contact information to hinder or obscure direct communications.
  3. This promise shall permanently remain in our corporate terms and conditions for site use, today and into the future through any merger or acquisition.

What is a market network?

Houfy is a market network for the travel and real estate industries. At Houfy, members can list their property for rent or for sale as well as connect to members directly and share local information.

A market network is a new business model of an “enabling economy”.

The key attributes of Market Networks:

  • Combine the main elements of both networks and marketplaces
  • Use SaaS workflow software to focus action around longer-term projects and relationships, not just a quick transaction (like Uber)
  • Promote the service provider as a differentiated individual, helping to build long-term business benefits
  • A market network elevates the person, their reputation, their value. (Social Network-Ratings)
  • Transaction fees are usually lowered and legal contracts are simplified (Blockchain)

Market networks have stronger retention and engagement than marketplaces. Market networks represent a different way to do business compared to sites like Air BNB or Uber that simply aggregate demand. In that model, neither the seller nor the customer matter. An Uber driver doesn’t know the customer and the customer doesn’t know the driver. They may never connect again.

Connecting Guests with Owners is what guests and owners are looking for! Well done!

Mar 28, 2018

Good Explanation

This is what people need to know about Houfy! Great work Thijs!

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