Inquiry process at Houfy

Sep 02, 2019 . 1 min read

Here is sample process of guest inquiring through Houfy.

Guest Swapnil is going to inquire for 1 night.

Step 1: From the listing page guest can select dates or they can inquire without selecting dates.

Step 2: If guest is already signed in on Houfy, it will directly go to booking page(Step 3), else it will go to signup page.

Step 3: At the booking page, guest agrees to cancellation policy, house rules, rental agreement and click on continue.

Step 4: Guest can write a message to host.

Step 5: If host has connected a payment method for the listing it will show payment screen. Guest can fill in the details and pay or skip the payment.

Step 6: After successful inquiry/booking, guest will see below screen. Both guest and host will get email. Host will get notification on Houfy.

a. Guest screen

b. Host screen

c. Guest email format.

d. Host email format.

Step 7: Host and guest can communicate with each other by sending messages.

For each message, it will send email also and can reply directly via email.

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