September 13 2019

Hi Everyone,

We added "Nearby listings" at the bottom of each listing. - Why? Because we need SEO for Houfy! We need Houfy to show up on google and others.

Links to your own website on Houfy will be marked as "Unfollow". This means we are not including your homepage links for spiders to crawl Houfy for SEO purposes.

We are one of the only sites giving guests options to connect to your own website/Facebook page etc. - We do NOT see & can NOT track who goes to your site from Houfy and books directly with you.

We will be creating an algorithm where members who SHARED their listing will show higher up in search results. You are helping spread the word and should be rewarded for this. You can see how many views you got on your listing at the very bottom. - This "back-office" link shows who are the most active members.

The same will be true for members who created stories and added them to guides.

The algorithm is work in progress.

You might want to have a look at your listing, check your calendar, your description/pricing and pics and SHARE your listing..

Thanks T & S

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