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Hi, I’m Donna Martinez and along with my husband, Jorge Martinez, we are owners of Sea Ranch vacation rental Abalone Bay Vacation Home. We have offered our home as a vacation rental since 2013.

We’d love for you to learn more about us and our family. We have always had a love affair with the “Mendonoma Coast”, otherwise known as the coastline from Sonoma County to Mendocino County.

It is here we would come to dive for abalone or fish for cod and salmon to later enjoy feasting on our catch with family and friends.

In fact, it was in the waters just outside our home that we found the 10” abalone that became the inspiration for the naming of our home: “Abalone Bay”

One constant fact about us is we love to travel far and wide. We’ve done so mostly for work as USA expats but we also enjoy exploring new places on holiday. After eight wonderful years of living in Chile, we have returned to the USA. And after a joyful stay at Abalone Bay, we have returned to our current home in northern Virginia. Other places we have been to include Spain, our family’s homeland; Colombia, the birthplace of my son; Peru to visit Machu Picchu; Budapest, Hungary; Paris and the Bahamas.

However, no matter where we roam, one constant about us is we always return home to Sea Ranch. Settling back in the Adirondack chairs, wine glasses in hand. We love relaxing and recalling the good times, debating who among us caught the biggest fish over the years, or discussing the nuances of our abalone and paella recipes that make it uniquely our own.

Of course, our passion for the sea and the Mendonoma area has passed on to our children, including our daughter. It was at her wedding held at The Sea Ranch that we realized we wanted a home at Sea Ranch. Now she and her husband look forward to bringing their twins back to this spot every year.


Ana is our beauty queen having won Junior Champion of Chile. When Ana is not in dog shows she’s hunting with Jorge, or giving full face licks of love to our son, Andy. So, of course, our home is pet-friendly.

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Abalone Bay

Abalone Bay

Luxe Designer Oceanfront, Courtyard, Dog-Friendly

3 Bedrooms  2 Bathrooms

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