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The Island
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Dubbed "the crown jewel of the Caribbean Sea," Cozumel is sought after as a breezy vacation destination away from the everyday. Known for its wildlife, pristine waters and Mayan heritage, the sun-kissed island offers a great deal of outdoor activities: snorkeling and scuba diving take on a whole new dimension here.


86,000 (2014)
Emergency Number: 911/066
Shops generally operate Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm with variations by individual shop. Banks run Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Cibanco ATM Cajero has a 24-hour ATM just a few strides from the city center.
Ayuntamiento de Cozumel
Address: Plaza del Sol
Official website:

*This guide was researched and written by Brixhilda Dedej

The Island

Just off the southeastern coast of Mexico and opposite Playa del Carmen, Cozumel is an important cruise ship port famous with snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts for its fascinating reef which is part of the second-largest reef system on earth: the Mesoamerican Reef. White, unblemished beaches stretch north to south, east to west, leaving travelers taken with the island's seemingly endless swathes of sand.

The city of San Miguel de Cozumel is the largest city on the island and the right place to be to get a peek into the mystical Mayan culture and catch a glimpse of Spanish colonial architecture.

The Cozumel of today has recovered from the damage notoriously done by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, warmly welcoming guests from around the world.

Do & See

The fascinating island of Cozumel is a treasure trove for snorkelers and divers who come here to admire the beauty of its underwater world. With 500 different species of fish and 65 different corals, pristine waters, archaeological sites and white beaches, Cozumel is undoubtedly a must-visit leisure destination in Mexico.

Read on to find out about the best places to snorkel and dive around Cozumel.
Punta Sur
In the very south of the island and part of the largest ecological park on Cozumel, Punta Sur is a tiny piece of heaven on earth made up of white beaches, turquoise waters, wild flora, exotic birds, and crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Must-do activities include snorkeling, the "El Caracol" Mayan Vestige, and taking in the stunning view from the Celarian Lighthouse.

The fastest way to get here is by booking a private jeep excursion.
El Cielo
Famous for its silky white beaches, El Cielo is a mesmerizing hidden gem about 2 miles from the Cozumel coast. It is a popular snorkeling spot where locals and tourists come to swim among thousands of colorful starfish and stingrays to catch a glimpse of the magical underwater world.

Note that El Cielo is only accessible by boat.
Punta Molas
One of the most famous sights and one definitely not to be missed is Punta Molas – a picturesque beach in the north of Cozumel. The anchor point here is the old white-and-red lighthouse surrounded by tropical vegetation and secluded beaches. Punta Molas is where the bright blue of the sky blends with the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea creating a stunning horizon line.

The fastest way to reach the destination is by jeep (this can be challenging because of the unpaved roads) or tour boat.
Playa Palancar
On the western coast of Cozumel and about 17 km from San Miguel, Playa Palancar boasts flawless white beaches, turquoise waters, and a palapa-roofed dining area where you can sample the acclaimed local fish tacos.

Activities such as snorkeling are also pursued here.
San Gervasio Ruins
Located on the northern part of the island, San Gervasio ruins are an archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization and a must-do excursion for history buffs. The site was originally dedicated to the deity of midwifery and medicine, Ix Chel, and was an important pilgrimage site for Mayan women. Today, the ruins are Cozumel's only preserved Mayan ruins and a noteworthy location to find out more about the fascinating Mayan civilization.


While the main attractions are underwater, Cozumel has much to offer on dry land, too. The cuisine is mainly a mélange of Mayan/Aztec and Spanish influences, but the tourist boom of the last decades has opened up new horizons and many international chefs have made the island their home, making Italian and French cuisines easy to come by.
Guido's (San Miguel)
Guido's brings authentic taste of Italy to the sun-kissed island of Cozumel. With top-notch Italian food from wood-oven pizza to lasagna, homemade pasta, and fresh seafood, it's easy to understand why the beloved restaurant is an institution to locals and a lovely find to tourists.
La Choza (San Miguel)
Set a few strides from the main square, La Choza restaurant offers typical Yucatecan-Mexican dishes like 'poc chuc' (a Mayan/Yucateco version of barbecued pork) and 'mole poblano' (a sauce of chilies, fruits, nuts, spices, and chocolate). Don't miss out on the lovely backyard.
Burritos Gorditos (San Miguel)
Burritos Gorditos is a great pit stop for something fast yet delightful. The menu offers around 21 types of burritos, from vegetarian to meat-based, as well as salad burritos, quesadillas, and tacos. Yucatan-style burritos filled with 'cochinita' (pulled pork shoulder marinated and braised in achiote paste, orange juice, and lime) are also on offer.
El Sitio (San Miguel)
No trip to Cozumel would be complete without paying a visit to El Sitio, a hole-in-the-wall eatery with red folding chairs that specializes in tacos. Try out the 'puerco torta' (pork sandwich) or the mouth-watering 'camarón' tacos (shrimp tacos).
Kinta (San Miguel)
Considered the chicest restaurant on the island, Kinta offers traditional Mexican food with a modern twist. From the main course to dessert, Kinta knows how to pamper guests. The Midnight Pork Ribs accompanied by a refreshing drink is a combo to die for.


Mexico is the eighth-largest coffee producer in the world, with much of the coffee harvested in the coastal region of Soconusco in Chiapas, near the border with Guatemala. Coffee plays a significant role in daily life on the island too, with major coffee roasters scattered throughout San Miguel.

The list below shows the most noteworthy coffee shops on Cozumel, where one can savor the exquisite taste of the best Mexican coffee.
El Coffe Cozumel (San Miguel)
Right in the city center, El Coffe Cozumel fills the neighborhood with the aroma of freshly-baked goods, from pies to pastries, and delightful, locally sourced coffee.
COZ Coffee Roasting Company (San Miguel)
At COZ Coffee Roasting Company you'll be served the finest 100% Arabica brews, from beans shade-grown at high altitudes in Vera Cruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, and hand-sorted to create the perfect taste of gourmet coffee. Pastries and other goods are also on offer.
Maple Bakehouse (San Miguel)
For the best pastries in town, look no further. With a great offer of fresh-baked goods (bread, cinnamon rolls, pies, and many more) and strong organic coffee, it's no wonder that Maple Bakehouse is the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon break.
Sucré / Salé Café (San Miguel)
Sucrè / Salé Café is a small family-run business that brings a dash of romantic France to the tiny tropical island of Cozumel. The menu features either savory or sweet, Mexican or French specialties at reasonable prices. Patrons recommend French-style breakfast (fresh-baked baguette, butter, jam) or the Mexican desayuno (eggs, beans, chilaquiles, bread, butter, jam) accompanied by a rich coffee.
Cali Café (San Miguel)
Vegans will really get their money's worth at Cali Café in Cozumel: the menu here includes freshly-squeezed juices, black bean burgers and burritos, cakes, and constant rotation of soups. Everything is vegan and homemade.

Bars & Nightlife

Though Cozumel might not be on the bucket list of party animals, there are plenty of venues by the seafront that are worth a try come night. La Rumba and Wet Wendy's are the perfect setting to dance all night long while Thirsty Cougar and La Internacional Cervecería offer the best selection of cocktails and beers on Cozumel.
La Internacional Cervecería (San Miguel)
The great location and an outstanding selection of local and international beers make La Internacional Cervecería a great evening hot spot. The charming bar also has a terrace for guests to enjoy.
Thirsty Cougar (San Miguel)
An unending supply of cocktails paired with freshly cooked food and the enchanting waterfront view all amount to the winning formula of Thirsty Cougar.
Freedom in Paradise (Punta Sur)
In the southern part of the island, Freedom in Paradise is a great place to lounge with a chilled beer and an amazing view before you. Just across the street, there's their sibling restaurant — Rastas — offering the same quality, plus a souvenir shop.
La Rumba (San Miguel)
To show off your salsa moves, head to the La Rumba venue in the city center. In-between dancing sessions, try their tempting Mexican offerings accompanied by complimentary cocktails.
Wet Wendy's (San Miguel)
Dubbed "margarita house", Wet Wendy's is an institution on Cozumel when it comes to quality food, creative cocktails, and entertainment. From rock to jazz to live salsa nights; only positive vibes are accepted in the house.


Small traditional outlets line up with massive department stores on Cozumel. Handcrafts, customized items, one-of-a-kind silver jewelry, and Mexican vanilla are the main articles that folks seek to bring home.
Chocolateria Isla Bella (San Miguel)
Chocoholics will be pleased to note that there is a chocolate shop – Chocolateria Isla Bella, just a few blocks away from the center. They offer samples of handmade chocolate treats made with the finest beans of Criollo, Guayaquil, and Patastillo varieties of cacao.
Los Cinco Soles (San Miguel)
For some serious souvenir shopping, head to Los Cinco Soles (which translates to "the five suns"). Run by Don Pancho Morales and his wife Doña Sharon, the shop offers the chance to bring home an authentic taste of Mexico: from silver jewelry to handcrafts to souvenirs.
Mayan Flea Market (San Miguel)
Mayan Flea Market displays its heaps of clothing, traditional souvenirs, bottles of pure vanilla (and more), all at reasonable prices in one of the busiest streets in San Miguel. Look carefully for some true gems.
Plaza Punta Langosta (San Miguel)
Located just off the cruise ship docks, Plaza Punta Langosta is a good alternative to the small shops scattered around the city, specially if brand-name items are what you're looking for. The shopping mall encompasses a food court, jewelry shops, and souvenir shops.
Mercado Municipal de Cozumel (San Miguel)
Mercado Municipal de Cozumel is the beating heart of the city of San Miguel where locals come for daily groceries. Vendors load stalls with fresh meat, catch of the day, vegetables, fruit, homeware, and many other items. Stalls also offer ready-to-eat food.

Tourist Information

Cozumel International Airport
The island of Cozumel on the Caribbean coast is served by Cozumel International Airport which handles both international and domestic flights. Approximately 2.8 km (1.7 miles) from the center, taxis and shuttle buses are an easy way to move from the airport to the city center, and vice versa. While hailing a taxi, make sure to have Mexican pesos or US dollars as many taxi drivers do not accept credit cards. Taxi fares start at USD 5 for short rides up to USD 60 for an all-island tour.
Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel
If Cozumel is a quick pit-stop on your way to Mexico, read on and find out what's the fastest way to get from the mainland to Cozumel.

The fastest way to reach this island is by ferry from downtown Playa del Carmen. Ferries leave nearly every hour and the ride lasts approximately 45 minutes. Tickets cost around $7.00 for adults and $3.50 for children, and can be purchased at kiosks near the ferry pier.

The company Ultramar has introduced the luxury ferry that takes you to Cozumel in only 20 minutes. The slightly higher prices reflect the service provided on board.
Mexico can be visited visa-free for up to 180 days by citizens of all European countries, the USA, New Zealand, Japan, South-America, Japan, South-Korea and more. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply for a visa, we recommend contacting the embassy or consulate in your country. All visitors who enter Mexico and travel farther than 20 kilometers and stay longer than 72 hours need to obtain the Forma Migratoria Multiple, which can be presented at the checkpoints of the country. This document can be obtained online at the price of 390 Mexican pesos.
Best Time to Visit
March to June represents the best period to visit the island of Cozumel and enjoy the pleasant temperatures. Cozumel is also a hit spot during the winter. Being a snow-free island, it is the perfect haunt to soak up the sun. The low season runs from July to November; the island is quieter and accommodation rates are lower, but keep an eye out for hurricanes warnings as they're very frequent during this period. Every season is characterized by a particular event or festivity. Here are some highlights:

- Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe (December)
- Carnaval (February-March)
- El Cedral Festival (April-May)
- Boat Rodeo and Fishing Tournament (May)
- Cozumel Independence Day (September)
- Ironman Cozumel (November)
Taxis are the easiest way for cruise passengers to get from the port to downtown and vice versa. Taxi fares are relatively cheap (particularly if compared to other countries) and depend on the different zones you want to reach. Since 2016, all taxi drivers must produce a list of fares before taking on a passenger.

Taxi stands can be found just outside the pier.
Public Transport
Traveling around Cozumel by bus is not very common among tourists, who prefer to hail a taxi.
Uniper Cozumel is a private company that has been in business for over 30 years and offers a wide range of services to make guests feel comfortable while roaming around the island. Public buses run 7 days a week from 6 am to 9 pm. On Sundays, service may be delayed.

Check the following website for more information.
Correos de Mexico / Cozumel, Q.R.
The post – Correos de Mexico / Cozumel, Q.R. – is located close to the city center and offers all postal services (e.g. mailing, shipping).
Medical Care in Cozumel
The most reputable hospital in Cozumel is the Cozumel Medical Center (CMC) ready to offer the best service to patients in need of help. Other clinics to be found throughout the area are Amerimed Cozumel Islamed, International Hospital, Cozumel General Hospital. All visits will require a fee to be paid by cash (US dollars also accepted) or credit cards.

As for pharmacies, check the list below for the nearest one to the center.
- Farmacias del Ahorro (Monday–Saturday 8 am–10 pm, Sunday 8 am–9 pm)
- Farmacias YZA (24/7 service)

Please note that travel insurance is highly recommended while traveling to Cozumel.
In Mexico, the standard voltage is 127 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. Power plugs and sockets are of type A and B, mainly used in North and Central America, Japan, and China.

You may need an adapter for your trip to Cozumel.
+52 is Mexico's country code that allows calls from abroad; 987 is Cozumel's area code; +52 987 is then followed by a 7-digit number (e.g. +52 987 xxx xxxx).

Note that when calling via cell phone an extra 1 is required (e.g. +52 1 987 xxx xxxx).

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