When it comes down to it, most people simply don’t put in the work. This is why most people haven’t achieved their biggest goals yet.

It’s not because they were “unlucky”.
It’s not because the competition was better-equipped.
It’s not because “life isn’t fair”.
It’s because they didn’t put in the work

See, it’s far easier to indulge in abstraction — thinking, journaling, debating, hemming & hawing, and preparing — then it is to actually take action.

What will that require of you? What new skills do you need to learn? What experiments do you still need to do? Houfy stories & guides? Updating your listing pictures and or pricing?

It’s easier to talk about jumping into a cold pool than to actually jump. Best-selling author MJ Demarco has a crude name for this: “mental masturbation”. The truth is, most people prefer the small dopamine boost from merely talking about something than to actually do it.

You Just Need to Have the Guts to Keep Going When Everyone Else Has Quit - Every day you keep going, thousands of others quit.

Look — the more tired you become, the more tired your competition is becoming, too. Every day you get back to work is another day of your competition quitting. The farther you go, the more rewards you’ll see.

As the old saying goes: You don’t have to do much. As a matter of fact, you can probably only do a little each day. You just have to have the guts to keep going when everyone else has quit.

Don’t Focus on Winning the Argument; Focus on WINNING

The world will demand to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It will bombard you with questions:

  • “Why are you doing this? Everyone else has already done it.”
  • “What makes you think anyone will buy YOUR thing?”
  • "What are you thinking? Why don’t you get a real job?”
  • “Don’t you know that market is already oversaturated?”

Suckers will try to win this argument. You can spend your whole life justifying yourself — to your colleagues, peers, even your friends and family (perhaps especially them). But non-suckers skip this whole process. They see it for what it is — a waste of time.

I’ve learned there will always be a peanut gallery of spectators who will always be focused on questioning why you do what you do. They don’t matter. What matters is doing the work you need to do, today, every day. Don’t focus on winning arguments with the spectators — they don’t care about honest discussions, they care about making you feel smaller than they are.

Most People don’t take Action, This is a Call to Action on Houfy

An ounce of action (writing a Houfy blog post/referring a new member/fixing your listing/creating a guide or collection/sharing your blog post or sharing your listing on Facebook) is worth any amount of talk. Most people talk; few people do. The little progress you make today — writing a couple sentences, updating your prices, another small experiment — is more than 95% of your competition did today.

When you focus on taking action, you gain clarity, momentum, and progress.

You’ll never move forward if you keep playing defense - This is a call to action!

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Most People don’t take Action, This is a Call to Action on Houfy
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