Breaking Rules & Houfy

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure you know me.. I'm Super Social Julie and today I thought it was a good moment to write about rules. I'm quite close to Thijs and Swapnil and I know they don't like to play with "rules"..

What are rules:

Rules can be described as the guidelines or instructions of doing something correctly. These are the principles that govern the conduct or behavior or a person in an organization or country. On the other hand, regulations refer to the directives or statute enforced by law, in a particular country.

So: If I drive too fast and get caught.. I get a speeding ticket.. as per the "regulations" of the country/state/city.

If I collect short term rent for my vacation rental property; I most probably need to pay taxes to the city/county/state and maybe taxes to the country. These are REGULATIONS..

How easy is it to create a Facebook profile??

If I do NOT respond to a Houfy inquiry - what happens?

Thijs told me some members respond to inquiries with their VRBO/Airbnb links.. Really?? Yes.

Should Houfy have rules? Thijs doesn't like rules..

Some members respond with their personal website links - getting inquiries on Houfy and then forwarding them to other properties not listed on Houfy..

Some members inform guests the calendar at Houfy has problems, so it is not updated.. Really?

Some members inform guests the pricing system at Houfy is incorrect. Houfy is new and they did not update prices.

Should Houfy have rules?

Or should we all just follow the "BRULE" system.. Thijs calls them "Bull S Rules"..

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