Learn effective strategies to expand your vacation rentals Facebook page. Boost engagement, attract more guests, and grow an active community around your brand.

If you think Facebook is outdated, think again. With over 3 billion users, your ideal guests are likely already scrolling on the platform. Visitors use Facebook to get inspired and plan their upcoming trips, ultimately leading to one conclusion: hosts need a dedicated vacation rentals Facebook page.

A recent study in 2023 showed that 35% of consumers use social media for travel inspiration to book vacations. Just like your book-direct website helps secure guests without relying on OTAs with hefty fees, Facebook is another direct channel you should invest in.

This is an online space to connect with past and future guests, market your properties, and increase profit. In other words, it's a free-of-charge tool to help you build your brand online, create trust, and share your story. In this guide, we'll shed some light on Facebook marketing for vacation rentals to help you grow your presence on the platform.

Tips for Your Vacation Rentals Facebook Page

1. Tell Authentic Stories

Storytelling evokes emotion, and emotion sells. Remember that guests who stay in vacation rentals instead of hotels seek authentic experiences, not cookie-cutter lodgings. So, focus on storytelling to highlight those aspects that make you unique. For example, share:

  • Who are you, and why did you start your vacation rental business
  • Why do you focus on specific niches (per se, pet-friendly travel, or sustainable tourism)
  • Your rental property's story (when did you buy it, who lived there, how you decorated it)
  • Quirky stories about your location and neighborhood
  • How you contribute to the local community
  • Stories of your guests during their stay (if they permitted you to share them)

2. Upload Stunning Photos

A photo is worth a thousand bookings. Use your logo, if any, as your Facebook profile picture and a beautiful image of your rental property as your cover photo. Then, upload high-quality photos of your vacation rental (interior and exterior) to show guests what they can expect.

Make sure to convey the atmosphere of living in your vacation home. Don't just share the rooms and the amenities. Go the extra mile to create aesthetic photos of your space as part of your vacation rental marketing strategy.

For instance, throw a blanket on a sofa and have Netflix playing in the background with a hot cup of tea. Promote total relaxation and watch guests convert into sweet profit.

How to Grow Your Vacation Rentals Facebook Page
Vacation rental marketing tips for vacation rental owners

3. Post Consistently

Don't bother creating a vacation rentals Facebook page unless you plan on maintaining a consistent content strategy. There's no point in posting once and disappearing from the face of the earth. You must constantly remind users who you are, what you offer, and why they should book with you.

To help you out, Facebook offers a free scheduling tool through the Meta Business Suite. This allows you to schedule posts in batches. So, you can plan your content at the beginning of each month and have peace of mind that posts will be published on autopilot.

4. Provide Local Updates

An exciting music festival in your area? A new restaurant opening doors for Italian cuisine lovers? Let your guests know and create a buzz about it. From sizzling street festivals to local cafe spots, keep guests in the loop with the latest happenings and make them feel part of your community. This will make you look like a local expert, so the next time they're looking for accommodation, you'll be the first to pop into their mind.

How to Grow Your Vacation Rentals Facebook Page
Vacation rental marketing tips for vacation rental owner

5. Promote Exciting Giveaways

Social media giveaways are the fastest way to grow your vacation rentals Facebook page. They help you reach a broad audience and entice them to follow you for a chance to win. As users flock to participate, your brand boosts its presence, turning visitors into loyal patrons.

Here are a few ideas on what to offer as part of your vacation rentals Facebook giveaway:

  • Gift vouchers and discounts for your vacation rental property
  • Vouchers for local restaurants
  • Tickets for popular attractions
  • Exclusive experiences

6. Engage With Users

Facebook allows you to build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with prospective guests. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with them daily by asking questions, liking and commenting on their posts, and answering their messages.

You can even follow other local businesses and organizations to expand your network. Seek your audience's opinion on activities, amenities, and vacation planning tips. At the same time, offer your input regarding sustainable accommodation, authentic experiences, and travel.

How to Grow Your Vacation Rentals Facebook Page
Facebook best practices to stand out in the vacation rental market

7. Limit Self-promotion

Users today are so trained to spot ads that they might lose interest when hosts do nothing but self-promote. Imagine walking in the street and someone constantly shouting that their product is good and you should buy it. Not a very successful marketing plan.

Similarly, Facebook aims to connect users through interaction and valuable information. Share glimpses of your property, offer tips and hacks for travelers in your area, and spark conversations about local attractions. Focus on being resourceful instead of promotional, and you'll reap the benefits.

8. Run Facebook Ads

Apart from organic Facebook posts, the platform offers advertising possibilities for faster growth. You can either promote posts already performing well or set up Facebook ads from scratch to reach new audiences.

Facebook offers detailed targeting options based on demographics, behaviors, and interests. This lets you target people who are more likely to book based on your goals. You can start advertising with a minimum budget of $5 for as long as you want and reach your desired niches.

How to Grow Your Vacation Rentals Facebook Page
Social media tips to stand out in the vacation rental industry

Use Facebook Marketing for Vacation Rentals

Facebook is all about community and engagement. That's why Facebook Groups have been on the rise in recent years. When building your vacation rental marketing plan, prioritize the growth of your vacation rentals Facebook page.

At the end of the day, this is another free platform to support your direct bookings and help you save on commission fees from online travel agencies. Ensure you add links to your vacation rental website and include clear calls to action in all posts to encourage users to turn into guests.

Don't have a book direct website yet? At Houfy, we provide a user-friendly website builder and all the resources to help you create yours. It's time to take charge of your business and turn from a passive host into an active money-making property owner. Get started with Houfy today!

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