Enhance your vacation rentals' online presence. Learn how to optimize Google My Business to boost visibility, attract more guests, and increase bookings.

In today's competitive vacation rental scene, standing out can be challenging. With most homeowners competing for the same customers, it's crucial to invest in marketing tactics that'll put you ahead of the competition.

To appear higher in Google Search results and Google Maps, list your vacation rentals with Google My Business. This powerful, easy-to-use tool can help businesses increase traffic and connect with potential customers.

Consider the possibilities of your vacation rentals featured in front of interested travellers when they're ready to book. It's basically free advertising to the hottest leads. That's why in this guide, we'll share what is Google My Business, how to make the perfect vacation rental listing, and tips to save money while gaining exposure.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is how your vacation rental appears in Google Maps. Through a free tool provided by Google, business owners can list their properties and gain organic visibility.

Surely, at some point, you searched for a business in Google, and the results directed you to a profile with relevant information such as address, contact details, opening hours, and website. This is Google My Business.

These profiles might also include photos as well as reviews from past clients. The goal is to facilitate users' experience by providing relevant results to their searches. As for business owners, Google Business is their shortcut to locate their brands on Google Maps. Win-Win!

Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
Vacation rentals on Google Maps

Why List Your Vacation Rental With Google My Business?

Here are the benefits of listing your vacation rental with Google My Business:

  • Boost your visibility. Reach a wider audience through organic and proximity searches and increase direct bookings.
  • Reach travelers with a much higher intent to book. Instead of reaching generic audiences scanning the web for travel inspiration, increase your direct bookings from users ready to convert.
  • Beat larger OTAs (Airbnb, Booking.com) in the organic search results. For example, if a user types "vacation rentals near me", Google will use GPS data to track their location and direct them to your property. As a result, you'll be able to leapfrog larger vacation rental companies in the organic search results without worrying about SEO.
Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
Google vacation rentals for top destinations
  • Have a concise online presence. Boost your business's image and online reputation and establish trust with guests. This is your chance to attract potential customers, especially in an era where positive reviews are vital for sales.
  • Publish interesting content. Google My Business allows you to publish content that might be valuable for guests. For example, how to get to your vacation rental, if you accept pets, what amenities are covered, or last-minute information.
  • Stay informed about your vacation rental performance. Finally, the tool provides insights into your performance, making it easy to understand how many people viewed or visited your profile. This allows you to make changes to improve your impact in searches further.
Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
Boost your Airbnb listing with Google Business

How Do You List Your Vacation Rentals With Google My Business?

Here's a step-by-step guide to list your Google vacation rentals:

  1. Make sure you have a Google account; if you don't, create one.
  2. Go to Google My Business and click on "Manage Now".
  3. Select "Add your company to Google."
  4. Fill in the required fields (business name, business category, services, location, and contact information). As a vacation rental, the best categories to opt for are "bed and breakfast," "tourist apartment," "cabin rental," "vacation rental home agency," or "serviced accommodation."
  5. Click "Finish" and choose a verification method. Normally, Google will send a letter with a code to your mail, which you can use to proceed with your online verification. Without it, you can't activate your Google vacation rental, and your property will remain invisible to search engines.
Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
List your vacation rental with Google Business

Enhance Your Vacation Home Listing on Google My Business

Once you've set up your listing, it's time to enhance it from your Google Business dashboard. Try to add as much information as possible - the more details you add, the more searchable your vacation home will be. Remember to include:

  • Opening hours (or hours you can be reached)
  • Contact information (phone number and website)
  • Property description
  • Professional photos and videos

Enhancing your Google vacation rentals is equally important as setting up your OTA listings. So treat it with the same time and care.

Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
Vacation home in Google Maps

Tips for Successful Google Vacation Rentals

Now that you're all set up, it's time to drive more traffic to your Google vacation rentals. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • SEO-optimize your description. You have 750 characters in your Google Business listing; make them count. Include the most essential information your guests should know about your vacation homes and valuable keywords for which you want to be found. However, avoid using keywords in your business name; write it exactly as you would in the real world. If you have properties in other cities, mention them in this section.
  • Visuals matter. Invest in catchy photos, videos, and virtual tours of your vacation rental, as these are the first things that'll capture the attention of potential guests. Google My Business allows you to use a business logo, a cover photo, and product photos.
Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
Tips for Google My Business vacation rentals
  • Google reviews are powerful. Positive reviews are proof of your credibility and trustworthiness and boost your local search rankings. So try to offer guests satisfactory experiences and then kindly ask them to provide a review for you. Moreover, make sure to always reply patiently to both positive and negative reviews. Address their concerns and even take the conversation offline. This shows professionalism and authority.
  • Use Google My Business for property updates. Just like social media, Google allows vacation rental owners to post brief status updates lasting up to seven days. For example, you can post about offers, new amenities, new features, new blog posts, or new properties. Use Google Business Analytics to check which pieces of content led to clicks and views.
Boost Your Vacation Rentals' Online Visibility With Google My Business
Popular vacation rental destinations listed in Google My Business

Ready to Create the Perfect Vacation Rental Listing With Google My Business?

Harnessing the possibilities of Google My Business can be a game-changer to your vacation rental business. This user-friendly platform gives you unparalleled visibility and allows you to beat giant travel agencies such as Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.

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Become part of a great community that offers more than 60,000 vacation rentals worldwide, and reach visitors directly without booking or agent fees. List your property today!

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