Discover the best spring break destination for families in the USA for 2024. Explore fun activities, hidden gems, and different cuisines for all tastes!

I don't know who needs to hear this, but you still have time to plan your spring break 2024. And the best part? You don't have to leave the US to have a great time.

With so many destinations for a family vacation, you only need to decide what type of holiday you prefer. Will it be a relaxing spring break by the beach or an active, adventure-packed escape close to nature? Do you crave total quietness and rejuvenation or shopping, dining, and partying?

I always thought that the best spring break vacations were the simplest ones. Just you and your family on a trip together, with enough time to savor and explore. Spontaneity? Yes, please. Imperfection? Add some of that.

That's why, in this guide, I'll share some of the creme de la creme spring break ideas for the last-minuters. So grab a cup of coffee, and let's jump in!

Family Spring Break Destinations (USA Edition)

1. Texas Hill Country: Best for Reconnecting With Nature

Feeling like running in the fields with unbraided hair this spring break? I got you. Texas Hill Country is THE place for picturesque landscapes, flowing rivers, and wildflowers. Especially if your family loves outdoor activities, you can hike, go horseback riding, mountain biking, and camping.

This is the bluebonnet season in Texas, so get ready for carpeted flower fields with stunning little blue blossoms. Don't forget to explore the romantic little towns nearby, like Fredericksburg for its German heritage or Brenham for its rich history.

Texas Hill Country is also quite famous for its wineries and distilleries. While there, I highly recommend planning a wine-tasting tour and visiting vineyards and breweries for an authentic taste of the region's heritage. Spring temperatures are usually between 70°F-80°F (21°C-27°C), perfect for sightseeing.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
Texas Hill Country - Spring break destination for families

2. New York, New York: Best for a City Getaway

Sinatra said it perfectly: New York is the city that never sleeps. I might be biased, but New York is one of the best spring break destinations if you're looking for a city escape in 2024. Rich history, world-class entertainment, multicultural cuisine, and recreational options. This city has it all!

Whether it's your first time visiting or you're a New York pro, there's no ending to what this place offers. I highly recommend not skipping popular tourist attractions like Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, or The Met. They're worth the hassle.

To fully immerse into the city's cultural scene, attend a family-friendly musical theatre show on Broadway. Play tourist and hop on top of the Empire State Building for a panoramic view of the city, or take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and a picture of New York from the water.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
New York - Family spring break destinations

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Best for Beach Enthusiasts

Sixty miles of coastline spread on your feet as you embark on this spring break journey at the famous Myrtle Beach. One of the US's best spring break destinations for families, Myrtle Beach combines pristine sand stretches, turquoise waters, and many entertaining options.

Mini golf? You got it. Interactive children activities? Absolutely. Hop on the SkyWheel ride at 200 feet or visit the reputed Ripley's Aquarium. Go shopping on the oceanfront boardwalk, or savor local delicacies in one of many restaurants by the ocean.

Dipping in the water might be too cold, but you can spot accommodations with heated pool amenities. Whether you want to take things slow on your family vacation or pack your schedule with activities, you can't go wrong in Myrtle Beach.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
Myrtle Beach - Best spring break destinations for families

4. San Antonio, Texas: Best for Food Junkies

The choice is evident for the foodies on the hunt for the best spring break destinations. San Antonio is often overlooked, with travelers opting for Dallas or Austin. But did you know that the city was named by UNESCO as the Creative City of Gastronomy in 2017?

Some favorite delicacies include puffy tacos, chilaquiles, and pozole. Mouthwatering! Burn off your calories by strolling the 15-mile San Antonio river, lined with shops, restaurants, theme parks, and entertaining options. Don't skip the San Antonio Zoo and the Japanese Tea Garden.

The Spanish neighborhood "Alamo" is also a must-visit, dating back to the 18th century when it worked as a fortress. You can attend a rodeo, ride a bike, or take it easy and explore on foot little by little. Up to you!

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
San Antonio - Spring break ideas for families

5. Oahu, Hawaii: Best for Tropical Romance

If you want to rekindle your romance with your spouse or explore a tropical paradise with the whole family, Oahu is on top of spring break ideas for 2024. Emerald beaches, wild landscapes, and waterfall oases amidst the Pacific Ocean will make you feel like you left the US, even though you didn't.

Oahu offers the most options for activities, sightseeing, and tours compared to other Hawaiian islands. Popular attractions include Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and the Kualoa Ranch, where the movie "Lost" was shot.

If you're into water sports like snorkeling or surfing, Oahu will be your haven on Earth. Let your kids play on the beach while sipping your favorite cocktail and sunbathing. If you're lucky, you may even spot sea turtles! At night, immerse in the local nightlife or spot hula dancers for a taste of real Oahu.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
Oahu - Family destinations spring break

6. Las Vegas, Nevada: Best for Partying

At first glance, Vegas might not seem like the ideal spring break destination for families in 2024. However, this vibrant city offers a 360 sensory experience for both adults and kids. Specifically, the Las Vegas Strip is 4.2 miles of charm, with lots of free activities for children.

From the playful Bellagio fountains and wildlife habitat at Flamingo Hotel to the Big Apple Coaster and the Discovery Children's Museum, the options are endless! Cirque du Soleil is a typical crowd-pleaser for families, and I bet your kids will love the carnival and circus acts at Circus Circus.

For nature lovers, visit the colorful flower displays at Wynn or the botanical garden of Bellagio. And if you'd like to escape Vegas for a while, countless options are nearby, like the Red Rock Canyon and the Emerald Cove.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
Las Vegas - Spring break destinations with family

7. New Orleans, Louisiana: Best for history enthusiasts

Picture this: you're drinking your favorite whiskey while watching a jazz performance at the famous Bourbon Street in the heart of New Orleans. Talk about spring break dreams!

New Orleans is the epitome of rich culture, long history, and delectable cuisine. The streets are still buzzing from their ancestors' music while new artists take center stage to carry the jazz tradition. The French Quarter is the most popular neighborhood, where you can wander around the unique architecture and breathe in the magic.

What's often overlooked is New Orleans' cuisine. Start your day with sugar-dusted beignets, cafe au lait, or hot chocolate. Book your dinner at the city's best restaurants and pair your food with a delicious mint julep (or two!). Finish the night at one of the street bars in the never-ending New Orleans nightlife.

During spring, temperatures are warm, allowing room for lots of exploring. Many festivals occur in the city, so if you visit in March, you can participate in the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Alternatively, join the New Orleans wine festivals and taste scrumptious delicacies and renowned local wines.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
New Orleans - Best places to spring break for families

8. St. George, Utah: Best for Outdoor Activities

If your family loves adventures, St. George offers family-friendly activities for your spring break 2024. Packed with lakes, waterfalls, and swimming holes, this place is perfect for hikers, kayakers, and adrenaline-seekers. I promise St. George will satisfy all tastes, from teens and kids to adults.

First of all, the landscape is out of this world. Stunning red rocks, dunes, and sandy mountains make a photographer's dream. While in the area, visit Pioneer Park, perfect for boaters, or drive to Toquerville Falls for a fun swim under the waterfall!

If you're feeling adventurous, hop on a UTV ride on Sand Hollow or visit the National Park nearby. Although Utah temperatures tend to get unbearable in the summer, the area is perfect for exploring at around 70°F (21°C) during spring break.

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in the USA (2024)
St. George - Best spring break destinations

Plan Your Spring Break Destinations for Families in 2024!

It's been a long winter, and the least you deserve is an extended spring break. It's time to plan your escape to a warm, sunny place away from daily worries. Hopefully, these spring break destinations will appeal to different travelers and encourage you to make reservations as soon as possible.

Whether you're looking for action-packed vacations or simply laying on the beach like broccoli, I've got you covered. And if you want to skip the hefty booking fees from Airbnb or Booking, Houfy can help you book your accommodation directly with hosts. No hidden fees and no middlemen! Happy travels!

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