Elevate your vacation rental blog posts with 32 creative ideas! From travel hacks to hosting tips, discover compelling content to captivate your audience.

Many vacation rental owners are fed up with losing a big chunk of their revenue to large OTAs (Airbnb, VRBO, Booking). That's why they turn to book direct solutions like Houfy to steal some market share and take business into their own hands.

Although a book-direct website is a smart thing to do, it's not enough to market your properties effectively. Instead, you should invest in a well-rounded blogging strategy as part of your marketing plan. A blog can immensely impact your vacation rental business as long as you do it consistently.

To help you market your vacation rental property, we've rounded our best tips for creating your blog from scratch and filling it with quality content ideas. We're all about simplicity and practicality, so our blog post suggestions are easily digested, even for blogging amateurs. Let's dive in!

Why Start a Vacation Rental Blog?

Here are the most important perks from starting a vacation rental blog:

  • Reach potential guests. Your blog is your online personality and voice. Get the word out on your vacation homes, and share opinions, tips, and insights. Visitors love interacting with hosts and learning from them, so this is your chance to share something valuable.
  • Turn readers into bookers. Words have a magical ability to make users convert. Tickle your readers' travel bug and watch them book your rentals even if they didn't plan to. And all that from the comfort of your website, without middlemen who cut on your profit.
  • Boost website traffic. Regularly published blog posts optimized for search engines will help you boost rankings and generate constant traffic to your site. Use proper keywords to match users' searches and gain higher visibility.
  • Batch content for social media channels. Repurpose your blog's content for social media like Facebook and Instagram. This saves you time from crafting new content from scratch and generates more traffic to your informative blog posts. Win-win!
  • Build your authority and community. Sharing opinions through your blog places you as an expert in the vacation rental scene and leaves room for guest engagement. By encouraging readers to leave comments and start discussions under your posts, you forge a sense of community.
32 Inspiring Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Blog Posts
Vacation rentals blog ideas for attracting potential guests

How to Write Better Vacation Rental Blog Posts?

Creating high-converting blog posts takes time and practice. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Consistency is key. Don't post once, and then forget to post for three months. Try forming a posting habit so readers know when to expect a new piece from you. This will also help you see faster results.
  • Always provide value. Don't blog just for the sake of it. Your goal should be to either help readers plan their trip more effectively or give them an inside look into your property. Use the best photos to make it even more enticing for them.
  • Talk directly to your buyer persona. Figure out who are the people who book your rentals most frequently. Is it couples, families, business owners, or solo travelers? Try to speak to them directly through your blog posts and address their concerns.
  • Keep it simple and to the point. There is no need to write lengthy and complex articles. Readers love simplicity. Make your content accessible; use small paragraphs with no more than 2-3 sentences each, and divide your content into bite-sized pieces.
  • Cover ever-green topics. Even in blogging, there are all-time classic topics. Try to touch those in your writing and update with fresh content frequently to stay up-to-date.
32 Inspiring Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Blog Posts
Blog post ideas for property managers

Content Pillars for Vacation Rental Blog

Before you jump on writing, make sure you establish an effective blog writing strategy. To appeal to audiences in the vacation rental industry, we suggest focusing on the following content pillars:

  • Highlight your vacation rental
  • Commonly asked questions
  • Things to do in the area
  • Guest stories and testimonials
  • Travel tips
  • Your story

Vacation Rental Blog Post Ideas

Here are some ideas to start your blogging on the right foot:

1. Highlight Your Vacation Rental

  • Feature top amenities
  • Compare your rental to a hotel or a hostel
  • Tell future guests how short-term rental contributes to a more sustainable future and supports local businesses
  • Share your vacation rental's milestones
  • Showcase your properties by season

2. Commonly Asked Questions

  • How prospective guests should prepare for their trip
  • How to get to your property from the airport
  • How does your property operate
  • How to rent a car or a motorcycle
  • Guide to a sustainable stay
32 Inspiring Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Blog Posts
Property manager blog ideas

3. Things to Do in the Area

  • Best places to dine in the local area
  • Best bars
  • How to hire a local guide
  • Hidden gems in your city
  • Best co-working spaces
  • Best attractions to visit during their stay
  • How to support the local community and local markets

4. How to Prepare for Your Trip

  • Packing tips for guests
  • How to plan for a destination wedding
  • How to plan for an anniversary trip
  • Top tips for budget-friendly traveling
  • Tips for traveling with kids
  • How to travel with pets
  • Tips for safe holidays
  • Tips for a honeymoon trip

5. Guest Stories and Testimonials

  • Share your best reviews from previous guests
  • Share photos or customer stories from their stay
  • Host a guest post to your blog
32 Inspiring Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Blog Posts
Blogging for your individual property

6. Your Story

  • Why do you love hosting guests
  • Insights about your career
  • Tell the story of how your property became a vacation rental
  • Share last-minute deals or tips on how new guests can save money

Enhance Your Vacation Rental Website With a Blog

It's time to start your vacation home blog! Don't worry; you don't have to be a gifted writer to begin. As long as you focus on value and relevancy, you'll be able to connect with more guests and secure more bookings.

Don't have a direct booking website yet? Houfy makes it easy to list your properties, communicate directly with travelers, and manage your vacation rental business. After creating your website, you'll be able to publish blog posts directly to it, enhancing your online presence.

With user-friendly features and robust tools, Houfy streamlines property management, creating a seamless experience for both hosts and guests. List your property today and join a supportive community of more than 15,000 hosts.

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