Top vacation rental social media post ideas for property owners. Elevate your online presence, increase visibility, and secure more bookings!

With over 5.04 billion users on social media, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are strategic points of contact to maintain relationships with past and future guests. To be specific, social media:

  • Generate visibility for your properties
  • Help you stay in touch with former tenants
  • Turn scrollers into active bookers
  • Develop a community around your brand

If you've been running your social media pages for a while but haven't seen much success, in this article, we'll share our top vacation rental social media post ideas to boost your process.

Social media sites might seem overwhelming, but you can make them as fun and exciting as you want. Scroll through our ideas below, pick the ones that suit your brand, and spend minimal time thinking about what to post next.

Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas

Introduce You (as a Host)

Remember that you are your biggest asset. Guests want to know your story, background, and "why" behind a perfect rental. After all, your personal touch is why they might book your vacation rental over a hotel. Here are a few ideas to bring more personality into your social media posts:

1. Who Are You

Every so often, create a post telling your story to remind followers or educate new ones. Are you from the area? Have you lived there all your life? Is "property owner" your primary profession? Answer these questions to let guests know you better.

2. Why Did You Start Your Vacation Rental Business

"For money" isn't a perfect answer. Instead, focus on what fulfills you in your job. It could be getting to know people worldwide, making friends, and exchanging perspectives.

3. Show Behind-the-scenes

Guests are dying to see what goes into preparing your short-term rental. Share a glimpse through your keyhole when changeover teams arrive, how you're getting the pool ready for the summer, or how you tie the towels in that beautiful swan shape for new visitors.

4. What New Experiences Are You Trying

Show how you spend the weekend or any new activities you're testing before suggesting them to guests. This is your chance to share your passions and show visitors you want them to enjoy the whole experience.

5. How Does a Property Owner's Day Look Like

Are you running any renovations in your vacation rental property? Stocking up on essentials before welcoming visitors? Updating your direct booking website with seasonal photos? Give some insight into the daily tasks of running a vacation rental business.

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
Promote your vacation rental website with social media post ideas

Spotlight Guests

Your guests are the stars of your short-term rental business, so give them center stage in your social media posts. Here are a few ideas:

6. Ask Guests to Tag You in Posts

Urge guests to tag you in their holiday moments so that you can share their joy with them. That's a stellar way to get under their friend's radars, who'll visit your page to learn more about your business.

7. Repost Guests Photos

To generate more visibility for your vacation rental, repost guests' posts or organically upload their photos on your feed—but only if they permit you to do so. This will give future guests a preview of what it would be like to stay on your property so they can daydream about their vacations.

8. Answer FAQs

What are guests' most frequently asked questions? Perhaps they keep asking how to get to your property, the check-in and check-out process, or what amenities you offer. Offer your insights to make it easier for them.

9. Share Testimonials

Did you get stellar reviews from satisfied tenants? Why not spread the word with the rest of your followers? Testimonials are crucial in securing more bookings, as people tend to trust those who've already stayed in your rentals.

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
Vacation rental marketing: how to find potential guests

Share the Best "X" in the Area

Your guests will anticipate their upcoming stay in your rental but also be keen to explore the local area. They're likely to ask you for recommendations—a stellar opportunity for you to shine as a local authority. Avoid the cliche museums and attractions they can find online with quick research and focus on hidden gems only a local would know. Here are a few ideas:

10. Best Vegan/vegetarian Spots in Town

Your vegan guests will thank you for it, as finding good places to eat, especially in small towns with little to no options, can be tricky.

11. Best Hiking Trails

If you're near nature, the mountains, or the forest, your guests will likely book your rental for the natural setting. Share with them the best trails to explore for adrenaline-induced holidays.

12. Best Pubs and Clubs

Where do you like spending your Saturday with friends? Which place serves the best beer in town? Are there any dance clubs visitors would enjoy? Share a few recommendations for a well-spent night out.

13. Best Parks or Picnic Spots

Are there dog-friendly parks in your neighborhood? Any good picnic spots guests would adore? Give them inspiration on what they can do while staying with you and how they can best spend their time in the destination.

14. Best Family-owned Restaurants or Brancheries

Again, don't go for the obvious. Choose a few local businesses you'd like to support and share them on your social media posts. You can add a few details about their story and menus to point out what differentiates them.

15. Best Views in Town

Where can guests go to watch the sunset? Know any places with spectacular views of the sea or the city? Share those hidden gems with guests.

16. Best Romantic Spots for Couples

For guests looking to rekindle their relationship during their trip, focus your vacation rental marketing posts on romantic must-visit spots. It could be a star-lit beach or a gorgeous terrace for wine and cocktails.

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
How to promote your vacation home on social media

Recommend Your Favorites

Bring your personality into your vacation rental social media post ideas to help guests see you more as a human than a business owner. Describe your favorite spots in town and recommend things to do. Here are a few ideas:

17. Your Favorite Wine Cellars

For wine-lovers who love to explore new varieties during their travels.

18. Your Favorite Souvenir Shops

For guests' wanting to bring something home to remind them of their trip.

19. Your Favorite New Additions to Town

Highlight new concept stores, galleries, restaurants, or boutiques that bring fresh air to your area. This is also an excellent opportunity to support local businesses.

20. Your Favorite Arts and Crafts Activities and Where to Find Them

From clay and jewelry workshops to wine and painting or sewing, give guests a few ideas on activities they can engage in during their trip.

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
Market your vacation rental property on social media sites

Showcase Your Property

Bring your property to the storefront of your vacation rental social media post ideas with beautiful imagery and aesthetic concepts. Keep your guests excited about their upcoming stay and have them drooling with anticipation even months before visiting:

21. Describe Basic Amenities

Create a carousel with different shots from your fully equipped kitchen or bathroom. Include what guests must bring and what they don't.

22. Highlight Luxury Amenities

Does your rental offer a swimming pool, an outdoor patio, or a beautiful garden? Capture vacation rental photos and showcase moments of total relaxation.

23. Do a Virtual Tour

The best way to showcase your rental is through virtual tours. Do a property walkthrough, either live or video, and show the size of rooms, furniture, and other amenities.

24. Talk About Your Interior Design Choice

How you decorate your rental matters. Whether you opted for a minimal industrial vibe or an eccentric gothic aesthetic, capture pictures of specially curated corners and share them on social media.

25. Share Aesthetic Moments in Your Rentals

Stage photos to portray the perfect picture of a relaxing holiday. For instance, add a hot espresso mug to your outdoor table and have the ocean as your background. Snap an aesthetic shot and add a description of "how we spend our mornings".

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
Social media marketing for vacation rentals

Announce or Promote

Keep guests updated regarding changes in your vacation rentals. Use vacation rental social media post ideas to create a buzz:

26. Offer a Sneak Peek Into Upcoming Changes

Is there an upcoming renovation? Adding a new property to your portfolio? Maybe investing in high-end amenities or new furniture? Let your guests know!

27. Announce New Partnerships

As a vacation rental owner, partnering with local businesses can prove beneficial—you can earn a small commission while supporting the local economy. Keep potential guests updated about new collaborations with local restaurants, tour guides, or transportation companies.

28. Offer Special Promotions or Seasonal Discounts

During low season, you might consider lowering your prices or offering bundle packages to avoid vacant calendars. Additionally, you might offer weekend discounts to fill in the gaps for last-minute cancelations. Your social media sites are the perfect place to promote them.

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
Marketing strategies for vacation rentals

Don't Forget Interactive Posts

Getting your guests to interact with your social media posts is vital for successful vacation rental marketing. However, it's not always easy to encourage guests to like and comment. Use these vacation rental social media post ideas to achieve it:

29. Ask Questions

"Swimming pool or hot tub?" "Tea or espresso?" "Sea views of city views?". Pair these questions with beautiful property imagery and watch guests flocking to answer.

30. Do a Giveaway

Giveaways are the fastest way to increase engagement and earn more followers. Offer a weekend getaway to your rental in exchange for users' likes, comments, and tags of those they're taking with them.

30 Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas for Property Owners
Best social media for vacation rentals

Plan Your Vacation Rental Social Media Post Ideas

Once you pick your favorite vacation rental social media post ideas, it's time to schedule your posts. Try to schedule your whole month ahead to stay consistent and have posts being published on autopilot. With our content ideas, you now have all the tools to really make your social media channels shine.

As vacation rental owners, you must maintain an active presence on major social media platforms. This will help you market your direct booking website effectively and increase bookings. Don't have a website yet? At Houfy, a community of over 15,000 hosts, we make it easy for you to gain control of your business without booking fees and large OTAs. List your property today!

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