Explore must-read vacation rental books packed with insights for property owners. Elevate your property management skills and secure more bookings!

Whether you're a newbie property owner or a pro solopreneur, staying ahead of your game is always a top priority. With the industry's rapid growth and fierce competition, you need the right resources to cut through the noise. If you've already joined short-term rental forums, vacation rental books are next!

We know you already have multiple hats to wear and no time to waste. That's why we've compiled our top vacation rental books to equip you with practical advice for property management. These aren't any books; it'll be like chatting with an expert, cutting your way short to vacation rental success. Let's review them!

Best Short-term Rental Books in 2024

1. Make Money On Airbnb by Sally Miller

If you're just starting in the industry and have no idea about short-term rentals, this book will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know. Especially if you're a stay-at-home mum, have an extra spare room, or travel often, the author promises to help you make an extra passive income without trading your time for money.

Some of the contents covered:

  • How to prepare your home and wow guests
  • How to price your space to maintain consistent bookings
  • How to create an irresistible listing
  • How to navigate the legal and financial nitty-gritty
  • How to manage your vacation rentals effectively within a few minutes every day
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Vacation rental book on rental property investing

2. How To Rent Vacation Properties by Owner by Christine Hrib-Karpinski

More often than not, vacation rentals are money pits than moneymakers. Mortgages, commissions, and management fees can overwhelm owners, hindering them from the venture altogether. After working in the short-term rental industry for 20 years, Christine Hrib-Karpinski decided to share her knowledge of profitable businesses with owners worldwide.

Her third edition of this book, initially published in 2004, is a beacon of practical, hands-on advice for vacation rental success. Some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to manage your rentals without property management companies
  • How to keep 100% of your profits
  • How to have your mortgage paid by renters while you focus on living life
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
The best short-term rental books for vacation rental managers

3. The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman

Trouble designing your home interior? This comprehensive vacation rental book by the editor-in-chief of Domino magazine will shed light on creating a stylish and comfortable cocoon. Needleman believes that creating a relaxed atmosphere isn't hard. You just need a few well-thought-out items to elevate your space.

Among vacation rental books on this list, this is the most fun, packed with charming watercolor illustrations by the artist Virginia Johnson. If decorating your rental seems daunting, through Needleman's witty humor, you'll learn:

  • Styling tips and techniques
  • Inspiration and practical ideas for interior design
  • What to look for when shopping in flea markets or high-end furniture boutiques
  • How to put it all together in an effortless chick display
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Best books for mastering vacation rental marketing

4. The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

If you're new to real estate investing, this bestseller will become your comprehensive guide packed with actionable tips. The author, Brandon Turner, is an active real estate investor and podcast host and will show you exactly how to close the best deals and what to pay attention to before buying vacation rentals.

This book is a must-have in your vacation rental book collection, having sold over half a million copies worldwide with over 8,000 positive ratings. Some of the contents covered:

  • How to analyze properties and invest in the best short-term rentals
  • How to finance rentals no matter your cash flow
  • How to reduce taxes
  • How to achieve success for your vacation rental business without touching a broom or a paintbrush
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Best vacation rental industry books

5. Vacation Rental Success by Joel Rasmussen

This vacation rental book is another excellent option for novice "rentalpreneurs" interested in making a splash in the industry. Joel Rasmussen is the founder and president of North America's largest short-term rental associations, helping property owners break into the market. He's seen everything from best practices to costly mistakes and is ready to share his advice with readers.

Through 142 pages of goodness, you'll get:

  • Trade secrets and sage advice on successfully owning and managing rental properties
  • Input from some of the smartest people in the industry on the do's and don'ts of vacation rentals
  • Actionable steps to get you started
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Books on vacation rentals and short-term rental investing

6. Profitable Properties by Daniel V. Rusteen

Imagine chatting with a former Airbnb employee, a current Airbnb superhost, and a traveler who's stayed in Airbnb homes for more than 2000 nights in 60 cities. The word for Daniel V. Rusteen! Rusteen distilled all his knowledge for Airbnb optimization in this book, helping new and experienced hosts boost their business.

Some of the contents covered:

  • Vacation rental market analysis
  • How to master vacation rental pricing
  • How to get direct bookings
  • How to rank #1 on Airbnb
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Best book on Airbnb and rental properties

7. Optimize Your BnB by Daniel V. Rusteen

Just when you thought you reached maximum potential, Rusteen comes with another book to fill the gaps and take your business to the next level. This vacation rental book has hacks and tools to optimize your properties and maximize your earnings. Say goodbye to information overload; this book includes everything you'll need to know without the fluff.

Some of the contents covered:

  • How to supercharge your listing
  • How to automate your short-term rental business
  • How to navigate the slow season
  • How to manage interior design without the help of professionals
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Airbnb and vacation rentals books

8. Master of Vacation Rentals by Jeff Pierce

The best way to learn is through other people's stories. And that's what this vacation rental book is all about. Jess Pierce breaks down vacation rental mastery into 10 bite-sized chapters enriched with true stories and examples. Through this easily digestible book of 178 pages, he shares the techniques that allowed him to achieve constant bookings and 5-star reviews.

Some of the contents covered:

  • How to find and improve properties
  • Pricing and calendar tips and tricks
  • How to secure the best deals in the industry
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Book on how to rent vacation properties

9. Build a Rental Property Empire by Mark Ferguson

Ferguson has been a real estate investor for the last 20 years without showing any signs of stopping. Owning more than 180,000 sqft of rentals and having sold 1,000 houses, it's safe to say he knows his craft!

His book is theory-free and action-packed. It'll give vacation rental owners all the details on making good money from real estate and avoiding common pitfalls. Inside, you'll discover:

  • How to distinguish a good from a bad rental
  • How to determine what rental type to buy
  • How to close great deals and finance your rentals
  • How to repair and maintain properties
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Ultimate vacation rental handbook

10. The Vacation Rental Goldmine by Chris Debusk

Guest experience is the secret sauce distinguishing a mediocre vacation rental business from a highly successful one. Most vacation rental books share the theories, leaving hosts to guess their next steps. But not this book. The author, Chris Debusk, spills the tea on how to impress guests, from shopping for your rentals to guest communication.

This is an easy read of 246 pages, where you'll learn:

  • How to create your vacation rental marketing plan
  • How to price and list your properties online or build your own website
  • How to find the best local team to support you with managing rental properties
  • How to track your success and make financial decisions
  • Guest experience concepts and ideas
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Top books for rental property investing

11. The Book Direct Blueprint by Mark Simpson

Following the new book-direct trend in the vacation rental industry, Mark Simpson shares his advice on how property owners can increase bookings without the middleman. After famously quoting, "Never build your house on somebody else's land", Simpson became a firm believer in abolishing large OTAs who cut large chunks of owners' profit.

That's why he founded his book-direct company Boostly in 2022, generating more than £3 million in direct bookings and helping over 100,000 hosts with training. Today, he shares his advice in this state-of-the-art book, teaching:

  • How to price your properties and upsell your services
  • How to identify problematic guests and protect your business
  • How to automate your business to avoid duplicate bookings
  • How to withstand the slow season
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Short-term rental property books

12. Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth by Avery Carl

Another vacation rental book for the newbies or those wanting to refresh their short-term rental basics. This book is your all-in-one resource, from analyzing potential properties to managing listings. It's time to tap into the gold mine and bring more cash with short-term rentals.

The author is the founder of The Short Term Shop and will show you how to choose, acquire, and manage properties. This is an easy 141-page read you can enjoy at the beach or while sipping your morning coffee. You'll learn:

  • How to identify and close the best deals
  • How to self-manage your short-term rental from your smartphone
  • How to build a local team to take the nitty-gritty off your plate
  • How to use your rental income to scale your business further
12 Must-Read Vacation Rental Books for Property Owners
Books on money-making vacation rentals

Invest in Your Education With the Best Vacation Rental Books

No one will ask you for certifications and degrees in the short-term rental industry. Guests today aren't interested in your studies but expect a stellar service every time. So, start investing in books to understand what others are doing in the industry.

Vacation rental books will be your shortcut to success, pointing out common pitfalls to avoid. They'll help you scale your business ethically by providing a 5-star service your guests will rave about.

Keep in mind that as a book-direct property owner, you'll need to do the marketing and advertising of your rentals yourself. These books can help you speed up the process. At Houfy, we give you the rest of the tools to skip large OTAs like Airbnb and gain your vacation rental independence.

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