Elevate your vacation rental newsletter with these must-have topics. Engage guests, boost bookings, and stand out in the inbox for a winning email strategy!

Building an effective vacation rental email marketing strategy is no walk in the park. However, once you do, you can put yourself in front of the right eyeballs.

A vacation rental newsletter is worth doing only if you do it right. Send out a boring newsletter, and you risk being viewed as spammy. Do it well, and you'll increase bookings while establishing area authority.

Well-crafted newsletters enable property owners to build online brands and ultimately form relationships. In this article, we'll cover the most popular types of vacation rental newsletters you should include in your strategy.

1. Automated Campaigns

As a vacation rental owner, your days are packed with tasks. Imagine adding one more to the list, crafting and delivering newsletters manually. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also lead to errors and inconsistencies. The solution? Automated email campaigns!

You set them up once, create the triggers that fire them up, and they are sent automatically. You can use platforms such as Mailchimp or Moosend to send newsletters easily. Let's dive into a few examples:

Welcome Emails

Got new subscribers? Greet them with a welcome email for a positive first impression. Include your contact details, house rules, check-in information, and local recommendations. This sets the tone for a beautiful stay and establishes a base for ongoing communication.

To show that you're more than a listing, you can also introduce your vacation rental brand, mission, and personal story. Additionally, you can include links to your other vacation rental properties to drive direct bookings with cross-selling.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Email templates for the vacation rental industry

Give/Get Email

If you promised users a small incentive to subscribe to your email list, give/get emails can offer them the value they signed up for.

For example, if a website pop-up asks users to subscribe to your newsletter and get 10% off their first order, give/get emails are where you provide that discount.

Regarding vacation rentals, you can offer subscribers a discount code for their next stay or a destination guide free of charge. In fact, 90% of customers are willing to give their email in exchange for a freebie.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Vacation newsletter for your email marketing efforts

Booking Email

This confirmation email is sent automatically whenever a new visitor books with you. Vacation rental owners are usually too busy to confirm bookings to each guest manually. An automated booking campaign can solve that problem.

Plus, guests will expect it as soon as they book, or they might consider your website fraudulent and their booking invalid. So make sure to include their booking details, the address of your vacation rental, and a thank you note for entrusting you with their stay.

Booking emails are considered transactional emails and usually have high open rates. That's because guests know they include information they need and expect.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Vacation rental newsletter

Add to Cart Email

This is a fantastic vacation rental newsletter triggered by user behavior. For example, if a prospect adds your vacation rental to their cart but never books with you, you can remind them to proceed with their booking.

You can offer incentives such as a small discount to encourage them further. You'll be surprised at how many people complete their purchases with cart abandonment emails.

Review Email

Guest feedback can make or break your online vacation rental reputation. Once guests check out, send them an automated review email asking for feedback on their recent stay.

If you have your own direct booking website, you can use a tool like Typeform to collect their feedback. You can later feature it on your website and social media to persuade more guests to book with you.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Vacation rental email templates

Rebooking Email

To turn one-time guests into loyal customers, send rebooking newsletters to entice them to book again. Remind them of their wonderful stay, and invite them to visit again for an enticing experience.

You can optionally offer perks for returning customers, or limited-time offers to secure those bookings. We highly recommend "warming them up" a few months before their typical booking time to get on top of their minds for their vacation stay.

2. One-off Campaigns

Besides automated newsletters, you can craft and send one-off newsletters to your subscribers to capture their attention and nurture relationships. Here are a few ideas:

Limited Time Offers

Running any flash sales or limited-time offers? Do you have any last-minute cancellations for the weekend and want to fill the gaps? Vacation rental newsletters are excellent communication channels to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity for immediate bookings.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Email booking template

Destination Features

Build your authority in the area so guests can trust you as an expert. Highlight local attractions, hidden gems, or popular dining options in your location. Share travel tips, interesting facts, and insights to position yourself among trusted vacation rental owners. This will attract more guests and increase bookings.

Local Events

Are there any special events happening in your area at the moment? Send vacation rental newsletters to your subscribers to let them know! Include information about the event schedule, recommended activities, and tips to make the most of it. This will position you as a caring host in touch with their local community.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Email marketing for vacation rentals

News About Your Business

What are the latest updates regarding your vacation rental business? Did you add any new properties to your portfolio? Perhaps a new pet-friendly option for your rentals? Let your subscribers know!

It's important to share anything from renovations to new amenities and features with your readers. After all, the goal is to keep them coming back for more. Add early-bird discounts or special deals to make it even more exciting for them to visit.

Moments in Your Properties

If your vacation rentals feature special amenities like a jacuzzi, an outdoor patio, or a home cinema, include professional photos in your newsletters. Make guests feel relaxed through their screens to want to book with you again.

Additionally, promote all the extra features guests can find in your short-term rentals. If you offer a fully-equipped kitchen or an office station with spectacular views, let guests know. Or, if your vacation home's location is near the beach, show visitors they can immerse themselves in total rejuvenation.

10+1 Vacation Rental Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Marketing
Email marketing for potential guests

Craft Your Vacation Newsletters for a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Your vacation rental email marketing should focus on driving more bookings and revenue in a competitive market. Striking the right balance between valuable content and self-promotion is key.

If you want to attract direct bookings to your rentals and build your online brand, at Houfy we can help you do that. Have guests return to your home and build a loyal fanbase that enjoys doing business with you.

With more than $23.7 million in bookings facilitated, Houfy allows you to collect payments the way you want and take your business into your own hands. List with us today!

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